YouTube in Time’s 10 Biggest Technical Failures List?

Time has recently released a list of 10 biggest technical failures of the decade and ironically YouTube figures in it.

YouTube being the largest video sharing site in the world with millions of people visiting the site, surprisingly makes in to the list. Why? Is it too early to conclude it as a failure? We would say yes considering the humongous $1.65  billion investment by Google! Author claims that the YouTube business model is not good and just earns in millions (Forbes estimated it as $200 million for Year 2008) and may eventually fail due to the high cost to maintain the huge storage and bandwidth required. Also, most of the video uploaded in YouTube are of low quality and might hardly attract buyers. We feel that if YouTube strengthens its advertisement model on YouTube, definitely there is a chance that it would not fall. A premium user account is welcome to watch videos in full resolution :-)



Image Source: BuildSuccessfulLife

Here’s the Time’s list “The 10 Biggest Tech Failures of the Last Decade”:

1. Microsoft Vista
2. Gateway
4. Vonage
5. YouTube
6. Sirius XM
7. Microsoft Zune
8. Palm
9. Iridium
10. Segway

What do you have to say about the list?



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  1. Ambika says:

    How sad. It’s true that we say “A mediocre innovation with a great business model may be more profitable than a great innovation with a mediocre business model”.

  2. prem ypi says:

    Very interesting to see the most successful video site being amongst biggest failures! But what is more interesting is 1st in the list to be vista. Even Microsoft employees prefer windows xp over vista!

    • OpenTube says:

      Yeah, it is surprising to see YouTube in the list. But, it may be successful who knows eventually.

  3. Anya says:

    i am so addicted to Youtube. I watch mostly music videos and funny videos on Youtube sometimes i also upload my own funny videos in youtube. “

  4. Youtube is my super favorite website. I cant spend a day without watching music videos on Youtube.

    • OpenTube says:

      YouTube is really addictive. However, the revenue getting generated is not that great may be compared to the huge storage, infrastructure that it needs. However, Google money can sustain it anyways…

  5. Youtube is one of the best Web 2.0 service on the internet today. I really love watching music videos and funny video clips on Youtube.

  6. Karen Hayes says:

    Youtube is my favortie site to visit aside from facebook. most of the time i watched movie trailers and music videos on it.

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