Your software – Anywhere! Suit provides a complete set of free computer programs (including Web Browser :-), Office Suit, Calendar etc )that you can carry around on a portable device and use on any windows computer. It does not require any special hardware. Just the usual USB/Flash drives like MP3 players, iPods and things like that. When your USB device is plugged in, you have access to your favorite software and personal data just as would on your own PC!. That’s not it, when you unplug the device, your personal data stays in it. Perfect if you are using a public computer! No need to download the things you like again and again. Suit contains a Menu for easy navigation and you can see how neatly they fit in.

platform Suit contains the following Apps;

     – Writer (word processor)
     – Calc (spreadsheet)
     – Impress (presentations)
     – Base (database utility)
     – Draw (drawing)

Extremely easy to use, when you plug-in, you get a Windows Popup something like this;



Head over to for more information and start using it :-)

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