World’s First Online Tool for Creating Slide Show and Panorama Show Easily

The world’s first web based tool for image presentation has arrived – its called MagToo. One can build an image presentation “MagShow” using the online tool MagTool for free. The MagShows can be either a Slide Show or a Panorama Show that can be displayed on your blog or on social network profiles like Facebook, Myspace, or Friendster. Not just that, you can also add music from the music library to the slide show.


How is MagToo Slide Show different?

MagToo Slide Show is the only slide show that provides a magnifier. With the magnifier, viewers can magnify photo details in your show.

What is a MagToo Panorama Show?

MagToo’s Panorama Show is the first and only web-based panorama building tool available in the world!
Panorama Show allows you to easily create panoramas with any digital camera. The uploaded panorama photos load in a moving display and viewers can ‘look around’ by clicking and dragging over the panorama with their mouse. When you upload original high resolution photos, viewers can see the original high resolution photo without resizing it to fit on

What is a MagToo Trip Show?

The coolest feature of MagToo is the Trip Show feature. Trip Show lets you link your Slide Shows or Panorama Shows on a Google Map. When you make a MagShow into a TripShow, viewers of your TripShow can see the location on a map where your Slide or Panorama Show photos were taken. This is a great way of sharing vacations, trips, events and interesting places with your family and friends.

Sign in for free at MagTool and enjoy creating and sharing your MagShows with your friends!

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