Windows Phone 7 vs Android – 5 Way Potential Blow To Android


Android is the most popular Smart Phone platform at the moment as per recent Nielsen Report. Blackberry as well as iPhone have taken a toll because of the raising Android popularity. Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1, 6.5 also suffered heavily due to their non finger friendliness. Now, Microsoft has learned and seem to have corrected themselves. The recent release of WP7 (Windows Phone 7) has created new hope for Microsoft and new boy on the street! Surprisingly, fans of Android have liked Windows Phone 7 a lot and given great ratings. Windows Phone 7 is expected to hit the market from Nov 8th.


Android feels mostly like an iPhone clone but Windows Phone 7 has a fresh UI design. Here are 5 things of WP7 that could hit Android badly!

  1. Windows Phone 7 UI is a lot refreshed than Android. Android is mostly similar to iPhone OS (IOS) and lack refinement. UI layout is not uniform, skins, shells are different on different phones. Most phones are not regulated to have high end H/W. Microsoft has not understoos from past experience. They will have a strict H/W spec check to have optimum performance. Android is already becoming cheap iPhone, with all time low cost devices like Samsung Galaxy Spica, Galaxy 3 and some Acer phones. Google still plans to reduce costs of phone. There is no doubt that WP7 will create its on niche market soon.
  2. Windows Phone 7 games are better with rich user experience. With XBOX 360 background, a lot of developers are expected to provide gaming support for WP7 devices.
  3. Android users are not cult followers as iPhone/Apple fans. More than 14% of them are ready to switch (Source GigaOM) to different phone OS if needed.
  4. Microsoft is already pumping a lot of money to make WP7 popular, attracting a lot of developers for Apps. App Store is going to be a formidable competition for Google.
  5. Microsoft has big plans in adding new features to WP7, great MS Office support, Sharepoint support etc.

WP7 is still evolving, multitasking, copy paste etc features are still a long way to go but Microsoft has taken a bold step in talking to Android/iPhone! Blackberry is still a long way to join the show with BB6!

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  1. aMp says:

    Android users are not cult followers? We are more cult-like than iPhone users!

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