Amazing Windows Phone 7 – Microsoft’s Answer To iPhone, Android!

Microsoft has finally entered in to touch screen, finger friendly mobile OS race along with the pioneer Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Nexus and others. The preview of Windows Phone 7 series is promising and the User Interface is really fresh and unique. Microsoft’s official website Windows Phone 7 and Engadget’s Windows Phone 7 Review offer a lot of information, video intro’s of this great Mobile platform.


Windows Phone 7 Intro

Windows Phone 7 is based on Windows CE 6.0 unlike older releases who were based on Windows CE 5.0. WP7 has beautifully thought finger friendly user interface with deep integration of Social Networking sites like Facenbook, Windows Live pages, Twitter and more. They are amazingly real time and all UI elements are refreshing continuously as you use them. Microsoft isn’t planning to come up with their own Phone H/W put partners will provide. Similar to Zune HD but Windows Phone 7 offers a lot more which Microsoft hopes to attract people.


Existing Windows Mobile variants had issues due to partners using slower processors, inferior hardware etc that caused lot of performance issues. Microsoft did not predict the rise of high end finger friendly devises even after Apple launched its first generation iPhone. Finger friendly phones need high end H/W including faster CPU, greater memory etc. Now, Microsoft has understood and very strict on H/W. So, We can be relived that the Microsoft Phone 7 H/W platform specification will be top of the line with following features.

  • Large WVGA Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen
  • Five H/W Buttons – Start, Back, Bing Search, Camera and Power buttons. These are fixed.
  • Qualcomm Snapgarden type of faster CPU
  • AGPS Support
  • WiFi
  • High Resolution Camera
  • Accelerometer
  • FM Radio

How Is Windows Phone 7 Is Different?

Windows Phone 7 is completely re-written software and everything that is part of it is entirely well thought and written software. So, this is a great jump from Windows Mobile 6.X series. This is great stuff for Windows Mobile users. No Start menu, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons etc that usually see on WM devices. Windows Phone 7 has “Tile” based home screen with live updates which is really cool.

People Hub


This Pulls in contacts from Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live and other social networks, aggregating contact information, status updates, and contact images into a single view. Interestingly this view is dynamic and has the intelligence to show heavily used contacts in a sorted order, easy browse through contacts, people, updates and much more. This also enables you to have your own personal page and share it with your contacts.


Pictures Hub


Again, a Pictures Aggregator – Collects pictures from local folders, cloud storage, Facebook and more. This is again dynamic and if something changes or photos get updated, you will see them instantly.



Music and Video Hub


It is like using Zune HD on Windows Phone 7. It is possible to download Music/Videos over 3G, WiFi and play them on WP7.


Office Hub


Integration of Office OneNote, Documents, Sharepoint Services and more. This is still evolving and not clear how Microsoft would implement it in the final version.


Games Hub


Integration of XBOX Live. Ability to browse through Gamer Profiles, Avatars etc.


Apart from these, there are lots of stuff, Email support, Calendar, next generation Market place for Apps, Bing Search, Bing Maps for GPS and much more.

All in all, Windows Phone 7 looks really great with cool UI enhancements that look very promising and a high probability of success. We need to wait for the final version to really experience it.

via [Engadget]

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  1. Microsoft is not any stranger to having companions galore within the phone enterprise, but its lineup of producers for the upcoming, surprisingly promising Home windows Phone 7 launch isn’t any much less impressive. After loads of rumoring, Microsoft has confirmed that Dell and HTC will be making Home windows Phone 7 telephones, along with ASUS, LG, and Samsung who had already been confirmed. All of these corporations should have their stamp on hardware by the top of the 12 months, with the launch of the OS still vaguely slated for the “holidays” We now have little doubt that every one 5 manufacturers can build some compelling, sexy hardware, however we’re particularly enthused to see Dell really moving into the game after the spectacular Streak and that drool worthy leak a little while back. read extra at fans group.

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