Why Twitter chose bit.ly?

Our earlier article on TOP 5 URL shortening services needs a revisit :) A lot has changed after Twitter made bit.ly as their default URL shortening service. TinyURL seems to have lost a significant market share. There is developing story of market consolidation, tr.im service being shut-down, we expect many such services to say good-bye. Bit.ly is the market leader now after Twitter made it as official URL shortening service.


So, why did Twitter chose bit.ly? Why not TinyURL or others? Why there is a default URL shortening on Twitter at all? Why not users have their own preference? Well, What happens to URLs of discontinued services? tr.im promises that the shortened URLs would continue to live up-to Dec, 2009. But what happens after that? Is there a way to make those URLs live longer time? These are some of the questions need to be answered. In Official tr.im blog, a lot of responses are appearing and some of them are really thought provoking. Have a look at it here

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