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WhoDoes2.0 is a free (basic version) online collaborative Project Management tool. It has nice features to manage the entire team specific, milestones, individual goals. Since it is collaborative tool, everyone in the team can get information shared easily. New interface is intuitive and easy to use which helps to strengthen team work.

Supported features as listed on their official site;

  • My Workspace
    Manage with simplicity the activities that need to be done daily, keeping the time constraints and the delivery dates under control.
  • Fast Planning
    Plan your project in just a few minutes thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, a clear concept to make planning of activities faster.
  • Milestone
    Manage all the due-dates within the project, being always informed with the next delivery dates and eventual dates late.
  • Task
    Efficiently organize and assign the activities to the team members and keep track of the hours of work that was completed on a project with the convenient hour uploading system.
  • Team
    Manage the Team members, invite your colleagues and link them to the project or search for new collaborators in the WhoDoes Network.
  • Repository
    Archive and share the documents and e-mails of the project in a shared space. Up to 10Gb of online space where you can share with the team all the material and communication related to the project.

Though WhoDoes2.0 basic version is free, it is limited by features. Unfortunately You can only maintain 1 project at a time. Other plans cost a fair price and here is the pricelist.

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