Use iPhone as a Wireless Drive!

Air Share is an award winning application to use your iPhone/iPod touch as a wireless disk on any computer whether its Mac or PC via WiFi. This will help you carry everything that is important on your iPhone/iPod storage and connect to any computer easily. Best of all, once the iPhone is mounted as a wireless drive, you can just drag and drop files seamlessly. Due to this seamless connectivity Air Share has been the Most useful App of 2008. Air Share even has a built in File Viewer that is really nice. Perfect for reading eBooks etc. Good for using iPhone as your backup drive!



  • Ease of use – Finder like file browser, syntax coloring for viewing source on iPhone if you are dropping files to iPhone from your PC.
  • Advanced Image Viewer
  • Advanced File Viewer supports almost all major file formats.
  • Works with Windows, Linux or Mac based computers.
  • Security – with password support.
  • Fast access and a lot more other features.
  • Works with new iPhone 3G S as well.

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  1. Clark Drabek says:

    just bought an iPhone 3G for my mom as a birthday present. she is very happy about her new iPhone.. ,

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