Update multiple Social Networks At Once! End of frustration of logging in to multiple Social Networks!

Well, there are so many Social networking Sites around us and it is becoming extremely difficult for everyone to keep track of updates on these and managing them. imageMany of us are looking for a centralized way of updating the status on micro blogging/social networking services like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Orkut, Ning, friendster, LinkedIn etc. There are 2 such services  that are worth trying out. Ping.fm and helloTxt.com. They are extremely simple and let you update your status on countless number of social networking and micro blogging sites across the globe, no matter where you are located.


helloTxt.com can post your status updates from web, mobile, SMS, email or 3rd party applications through their APIs to more than 45 social networks!




Ping.fm lets you update your social networks from anywhere, Via email, IMs, Mobile phone, 3rd party Apps, They have a special toolbar and much much more to simplify to manage your growing list of social networks.



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  1. microblogging is really useful when you want to broadcast short updates. i am still leaning towards traditional blogging.-‘;

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