TripIt – How to Organize All Your Travel Plans in One Place For Free?

TripIt is an Online Service that lets you keep all your travel plans in one place and in a a very easy form that is sharable with friends. The idea is very simple;

  1. Build your itinerary – Email TripIt ( your travel plans—airline, hotel and more—it doesn’t matter where you bookimage

  2. Get Organized – TripIt organizes your plans in a master travel itinerary that’s easy to share and access

  3. Stay informed – Automatically monitor your TripIt itineraries and get alerts about any travel delays with TripIt Pro (not Free)

The amazing thing is TripIt can recognize those travel confirmation emails from different Airliners, Hotel Reservation Conformation, Rental Confirmations etc and make a master Travel Itinerary.

TripIt can automatically import confirmation emails from more than 250 booking sites and travel agencies, including the top sites for booking airline, lodging, rental car, rail and cruise reservations.

See Supported Sites for more.

TripIt will create a TripPlan

A TripPlan is a single page with all your trip details. Organized by day, it’s a step-by-step guide to the things you’ve planned, plus notes and photos you want during the trip. A TripPlan is like an itinerary, but better. In addition to organizing your flights, lodging, rental cars and other travel plans, it also includes weather, maps, directions and more.

You don’t even need to create an account with TripIt, it will create one when you send emails to and there after it will maintain the record based on your email id.

A good tool if you travel a lot or organize travel for others. It will make sure that you have a hassle free traveling. Best Selling travel assistants for iPhone, like TravelTracker is capable of integrating with TripIt.

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