Top 100 Hi-Tech Startup Companies in Europe – A Report

A joint effort by TechCrunch and YouNoodle has a list of Top 100 Technology Startups in Europe. Some of the entries are total surprises and others are expected. The report is based on the multiple factors like Buss, traffic etc and ratings have been given as per YouNoodle Scores. The list mostly contains Mobile or Web related tech Startups in EMEA region. The list even contains few companies from Middle east.


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Why the Top 100 European tech Startups was created?


TechCrunch is one of the top Tech Blog that covers Startups around the world and A Europe focused Startup list will throw lights on these potential companies that are capable of changing the way web or mobile works.


How was the list created?


TechCrunch along with YouNoodle created the list based on YouNoodle Scores.


How YouNoodle Assigns a Score to Each Company that are listed?


YouNoodle’s scores and rankings are based on a sophisticated algorithm using information pulled in from thousands of online sources: traffic, mainstream media, funding information sources, the blogosphere, and other key factors.

TechCrunch/YouNoodle have tried their best to avoid any OverValuation for any startups and believe that the scores are pretty much inline to the achievements for individual companies. However, they plan to revisit scores one a regular basis.


Some Examples of Hot Companies


  • Spotify – A World Music, Gives you access to wealth of music.

  • SoundCloud – SoundCloud lets you move music fast & easy. The platform takes the daily hassle out of receiving, sending & distributing music for artists, record labels & other music professionals.

  • PlasticLogic – Evolution of plastic electronics.

  • Voddler – Watch movies and TV shows the way you want, anytime.

  • eRepublik – Online strategy game.

  • Iminent – Enhance you IM experience with icons, animated emoticons etc.

  • KupiVIP – is an online shopping club in Russia, operated by Privat Trade Ltd. The site organises designer brand online sales in fashion and fashion accessories with discounts of up to 70% off boutique prices

  • Bambuser – Broadcast live video from your mobile phone or webcam.

  • Playfire – A Gamers Social Network.

  • Jimdo – Create a free website with Jimdo.


Check out the complete list of Top 100 European tech Companies here.

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