Probably The Easiest Way To Setup An Effective Home Surveillance System

There are so many home surveillance systems available, but probably there is nothing that is as easy to setup as the MOLE. If you are looking for a cool and easy way to setup a home surveillance system that an be monitored directly via iPhone’s internet browser or looking for an effective way to get notified via twitter or email when the camera catches something in your home, then the MOLE is the perfect device you are looking for.


The MOLE is an all-in-one network camera for home surveillance or all your social network communities. It has a simple 3-step setup that gets the camera on to Wi-Fi and gets it up and running. You can remotely control the pan & tilt angles, and monitor or record video from anywhere in the world. View it from your iPhone, or any web browse via internet. Best part that fits well for surveillance system is the built-in motion detection controls that record and notifies you via twitter or email if the camera catches something moving. Not just that, you an use the camera to automatically send video clips to YouTube or Facebook, even if you’re not there.

It can be conveniently be used for Baby monitoring, Pet monitoring, Business Security, Home Security or even fun thinks like Bird Watching at your backyard’ bird feeder.

How to setup the MOLE?

Three simple steps are all that you need to setup the system.

1. Connect the Mole to a router and then plug in to AC power.

2. Login at, follow the questions to register a yoics account. Click on “Complete Registration” when finish.

3.The system will automatically detect your camera. Give a name to your camera and click on “Register Now”. After the registration, you can view your camera under My Stuff -> Cameras.

How to setup the MOLE for wireless usage?

– Then to get the camera on wireless network, go to the view interface of your camera, click on Advanced -> Network, then under Wireless Settings, select Enable.

– Click on Search to look for your wireless network. Click on Join to connect to your network.

– Type in the Security mode and WPA Algorithm (shown in the search). Then type in the username and password.

– Finally, click on Apply. Unplug the network cable first before unplug the power cable. Now you can move the Mole to where you like and reconnect it to a power source!


Here is the full list of features:

  • Send video clips to Youtube
  • Advanced H.264 video compression technology
  • Easy 3-step setup
  • Remotely control the Pan & Tilt
  • Built-in DVR (requires SD Card)
  • Viewable from iPhone
  • Motion detection and alerts via Twitter or email
  • Wireless WiFi camera
  • 15 Ir LED lights for Nightvision
  • Supports simultaneous browsing by up to 5 users
  • Multi-browser compatible (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Built-in microphone supports two-way audio
  • Automatic fault recovery and re-connection after network interruption
  • Supports wired/wireless networking

and more here

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  1. luis lopez says:

    How would you like the ability to check in on your house,
    wherever you are, from your cell phone or computer? easy home surveillance has it all and very cheap

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    I attempted to subscribe to all your feed, but had a difficulty adding it to google reader. Could you please check this out.

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