The Best Free Open Source Flight Simulator Ever!

We featured 12 open source games that you should not miss last week and an extra 10 more open source games worth trying recently. Here is something for Flight Simulator enthusiasts. Flight Simulators are fun and more so when they are free and open source :). FlightGear is a brilliant Flight Simulator and one of the top notch simulator you would ever find. Microsoft Flight Simulator has always been the bench mark in the arena of flight simulators but FlightGear is not at all far behind now. FlightGear is supported on a wide variety of Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IRIX as well as Sun Solaris.


FlightGear is Open Source and has been in active development since 1997. It’s latest release came out in Jan, 2009. FlightGear has been getting a lot of features over releases and notable ones are listed below.

1. Extensive, Realistic and Accurate Scenery Data base. It contains, Over 20,000 real world airports, Correct runway markings and placement, Correct runway and approach lighting, Taxiways available for many larger airports (even including the green center line lights when appropriate), Accurate map details, Daylight and Night modes and many other details.


2. FlightGear implements extremely accurate time of day modeling with correctly placed sun, moon, stars, and planets for the specified time and date. FlightGear can track the current computer clock time in order to correctly place the sun, moon, stars, etc. in their current and proper place relative to the earth.


3. FlightGear has the ability to model a wide variety of aircraft. Currently you can fly the 1903 Wright Flyer, strange flapping wing "ornithopters", a 747 and A320, various military jets, and several light singles. FlightGear has the ability to model those aircraft and just about everything in between.


4. Modest Hardware requirements unlike other simulators. A 2 GHz processor with 1GB RAM is good enough to start with.

5. A number of networking options allow FlightGear to communicate with other instances of FlightGear, GPS receivers, external flight dynamics modules, external autopilot or control modules, as well as other software such as the Open Glass Cockpit project and the Atlas mapping utility.


Please browse through the wide range of aircrafts supported by FlightGear here.

Download FlightGear here.

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  2. Hello! from Berkley. I am a fan of your blog

  3. This flight simulator looks pretty good, and the fact that it is free is even better

  4. Im Awsome says:

    Im Awsome and so is this game even though i havent played it

  5. A lot of good stuff has come out of the FlightGear project, hats off to them.

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