The Barrier to Using The iPhone for Business Has Just Fallen

While Nokia is doing its research by prototyping Nokia Easy Meet, a web-based mobile collaboration service, Cisco has extended its SaaS and premises-based collaboration applications to the Apple iPhone 3G to deliver an unparalleled mobile collaboration experience. The Apple iPhone with Cisco’s WebEx technology capabilities makes a simple, but very powerful interface. With the introduction of Cisco WebEx Meeting Center for iPhone, the barrier to use the iPhone for business has just fallen.


As you would see with any other iPhone app UI, it provides a powerful user interface on your iPhone  to schedule, start and cancel a WebEx Meeting. You can stay connected with important meetings where ever you are and get a full meeting experience with native 3G or WiFi support for simultaneous data and audio. This puts an end to the days of just listening-in to a Web meeting.


The main features include:

  • Attending Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Web Meeting with full screen view and integrated audio.
  • WebEx subscription not required!
  • Schedule, start and cancel WebEx meetings
  • Invite attendees either before or during the meeting
  • View contents shared from any computer: documents, applications or screen sharing with live annotations
  • See who is in your meeting and how they joined by icon represented differently for joining from mobile and computer
  • Start an individual or group chat with other meeting participants
  • Control the audio with mute and unmute capabilities
  • Check details of the meeting in progress



Take advantage of a screen view optimized for iPhone in either vertical or horizontal and meet easily with other WebEx users with any platform Windows, Mac or Linux.

Well, the iPhone user interface is fare better that the user interface provided by Nokia Easy Meet, the two are not apple to apple comparison. Well, its Apple’s iPhone App comparison with Nokia Widget!

Nokia Easy Meet is more towards Friends and Family meetings whereas the Cisco WebEx is more for business purpose.

The iPhone app is free and can be downloaded at the App Store.


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