Ten Terrific Ways To Create Your Own Photo Calendar Easily

While there are so many calendars readily available, it is always fun to create your own photo calendar. Here in this post we have reviewed 10 different services and software available to create your own photo calendars. These can be used to create your own family calendar or your company calendar or photography photo calendar. There are lots of options to play with an create a memorable gift as a photo calendars for your friends and family members. 


Online Service For Creating Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

1. Loonapix

Loonapix is an online services that provide many ways to have fun with your photo. One of the cool way is to create your own photo calendar wallpaper. All that you need to do is follow 3 simple steps to create your own calendar desktop wallpaper. Choose the calendar template from the various templates provided by Calendarika. Then upload your main photo and the background photo. Your calendar is ready! Just save the final image to your computer. Check it out for yourself here. More services from available at Loonapix.


2. Bighuglabs

Bighuglabs provides a convenient way to convert any photo into a perfectly-sized desktop wallpaper for your computer or portable device. You can add a monthly calendar by just selecting the month you want to add. You can also add special effects to desaturate, blur, or color to your wallpaper. It supports standard and wide-screen monitors, iPhones, cell phones, and other portable devices. It provides lots of cool options to play with and the result is a perfect desktop wallpaper with your own photo. Check it out here.


Online Services For Creating Printable Calendars

3. Calendarlabs

Calendarlabs provides an easy way to make your own printable photo calendar. It provides various options like week number inclusion, holiday inclusion etc. Its really easy to use. Check out for your self here.


4. Createphotocalendars

Createphotocalendars provides an award-winning calendar creator software EZ Photo Creations. It’s free for download with no registration. The software adds your photos quickly as you don’t have to wait for photos to upload to our website. It lets you to work on your project in real-time. When finished, you simply need to order your calendar from the software. You can download the software here and try.


5. Shutterfly

Creating a photo Calendar with Shutterfly is easy. From your online Shutterfly photo album, simply select the photos you want to use in your Calendar, then select the Calendar link and follow the step-by-step instructions. To know more about how to create, check here.


Desktop Calendar Maker Software

6. Screencalendar

Screen Calendar assists you to be able to make the calendar wallpaper according to your taste. It provides an application called Screen Calendar which can be used to create your calendar. The application requires registration to be able to get support. Unregistered users can create the calendar but with label of the website and a word “Unregistered” in the calendar notes.


7. EasyCalendarMaker

This calendar maker software allows you to create customized photo calendars using your own photographs or sample built in photographs with the EasyCalendarMaker! It provides loads of features like change the height, width, and position of calendars quickly by simple clicks, create calendars in a number of different languages(  English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German ), customize your calendars’ look and feel, by choosing where to place the date boxes, sizes, whether to display horizontal or vertical lines etc. You can try the free download here and checkout for yourself.


8. Sofmos Calendar

Sofmos Calendar software allows you to create personalized photo calendar. You can quickly create a calendar which you can print or place on your computer desktop. You have a wide range of options available to customize the calendar appearance. You can create a calendar for month or for year, insert a picture and specify fonts and colors. You can download the trial version here and buy the software if you like it.


9. PlainSight Desktop Calendar

PlainSight Desktop Calendar is a great looking desktop calendar which can be fully integrated with wallpaper. It stays on your desktop and shows the days of the current month. It can display Microsoft® Outlook® data, which you can directly manipulate, and weather forecasts from weather information servers. It also uses high-quality fonts, looks pretty, and has lots of skins. You can download here and try it yourself.

PlainSight Desktop Calendar

10. Promo Screen Calendar

Promo Screen Calendar is promotional calendars software which creates an active desktop calendar with your company’s logo, info and your product images set as desktop wallpaper. Using Promo Screen Calendar you can make a Setup File for easy installing full-functional software that creates custom desktop wallpapers with built in active calendar with an option of inserting your ad info. Promo Screen Calendar is a powerful marketing calendar for promotion of your company. Having made a desktop calendar, you can present it to your client instead of traditional paper promotional calendars, or put it to your web-site so that your clients can download and install it, or make this promotional calendar software a part of your advertising campaign. Download the demo version of Promo Screen Calendar for free here.


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