Ten Services – For Easy Shopping And Selling At eBay

Ever wished you had a better service that allows people and businesses easily buy or sell their goods and services via eBay? The web 2.0 has made things easier by providing easy to use services for the most popular web 2.0 online shopping and auctioning website – eBay. Here are ten such services that lets buyers and sellers to connect with eBay auctions and make their shopping and selling experience easy.


1. GetItNext

GetItNext is a Canadian based company offering free and easy to use search solution that helps users navigate searching for items on eBay. A bunch of eBay junkies spent countless hours buying and selling on eBay, grew frustrated with the eBay UI and developed the GetItNext to easily search and find what you want on eBay.


2. Visual eBay

Visual eBay provides a little visual glimpse into the world of eBay auctions. This mashup pinpoints the exact locations where auctions are taking place. One can search for a keyword under a category and choose the country ( U.S., Canada, Australia or England) and Visual eBay will pinpoint to the locations on a Google Map where auctions are taking place.


3. Bidflyer

BirdFlyer is another eBay visual search website that takes eBay auction listings and presents them on a cool visual interface. It is a Flash actionscript search tool based on the eBay developer API. When you perform a search results are shown as small thumbnail images with prices, sorted by auction end times. You can also search by category, make bids, track auctions with real time countdowns. Hovering over a particular item brings up the item’s title and clicking on it will pop other information like countdown clock, number of bid and its current price.


4. PicClick

PicClick is another amazing site that aims at improving the way you san and view search results in eBay and Amazon. You can type in the search phrase along with the preferred price range and all the results gets displayed in one page like a photo gallery. You can sort the results by various options like start or end time or by highest or lowest price etc.


5. AuctionMapper

AuctionMapper is designed to help you find exactly what you want in the shortest amount of time. AuctionMapper is a deluxe search tool that allows you to quickly filter your searches down precisely to what you are looking for. The filtered searches are then presented either in a list view or on a map depending on how you choose to view the results. Unlike a typical advanced search where you have to keep going back and forth between advanced search page and the results page to tweek various constraints, AuctionMapper stays on one page while only the results change, making adjustments to the constraints painless.


6. Shopping & Discovery

Shopping & Discovery is a beta site that lets users browse through eBay auctions and Amazon products in a fun and visual way.  This goes beyond typing in a keyword and having to browse through a long list of results. Results are automatically organized by relevance to the query and customizable with our “more like this” function. As the results change, so do the categories, auctions, and products ready to be explored.


7. AuctionPixie

AuctionPixie is a small, but amazing suite of free eBay tools which helps both the buyer and seller on eBay with their daily activities, whether it’s leaving automatic feedback, finding a bargain using misspelled item finder, or simply helping to cross-promote their items using AuctionPixie’s free scrolling galleries.


8. UnWired

UnWired Buyer 2.0 is an interactive service that allows eBay buyers and sellers to connect with eBay auctions in the critical final minutes from any mobile phone or PC. eBay shoppers are now able to determine how they want to be notified about an ending auction (email, phone call, or both) and where they want to place their bids (PC or mobile phone). UnWired Buyer provides an innovative voice-based commerce platform that delivers real-time, actionable notifications directly into the consumer’s hands anytime, anywhere. UnWired Buyer is able to extend commerce to US based mobile phones, enabling event-triggered transactions via voice.


9. Automatic

Auctomatic is a tool for managing your eBay business. Use Auctomatic to track your inventory, pictures, and auction templates, and track the traffic on your auctions so you can optimize your listing strategy. The Auctomatic mission is making selling online easy. Auctomatic does more than just let you list your items and manage your sales – it teaches how you can maximize your profits and to increase the success of your business.


10. Auction Search Kit

Auction Search Kit provides you with the resources for visualizing the location of any eBay item that interests you. The kit itself also features a wealth of tools that can easily be put to good use. These include a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that will enable you to add map buttons to eBay and a set of search plugins that can be used both with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.



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