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How To Edit Videos In Minutes Like A Pro Using YouTube?

YouTube has been around for quite some time now as a free video hub. From HD videos to funny videos, you get them all on YouTube with a click of button. Did you know that YouTube also has video editing features simplified for dummies? Anybody with little video knowledge can compile a collection of videos, edit, publish on YouTube quite easily for no cost. You don’t need to buy commercial video editing products such as Avid Studio or Pinnacle Video or Adobe movie maker editor etc unless you are a serious video editor :)

All you need to do is, become a registered member of YouTube, click on Video Editor tab. You have all the things you need; Video timeline where you can drag and drop your video clips, add transitions, add text overlay, add audio tracks etc. Brilliantly simple yet very effective. Play with with it and get amazed with the results.

YouTube Video Editing

How to do image stabilization?

YouTube has even more cool features when you upload your videos. You can add annotations, do some advanced editing such as enhancing the unstable videos. YouTube has built in Image Stabilization feature which is really good.

YouTube Video Editing

Trimming videos


You can also trim/cut unwanted portion of your videos if need be. Add effects, audio tracks as needed. It is indeed a full fledged video editing software online! Use it as you go, get your videos anytime anywhere!

YouTube Video Editing

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