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OpenOffice Writer Review – Best Free Microsoft Word Alternative

Our recently posted a detailed review on why OpenOffice is slow? while loading. In this post, we review OpenOffice Writer and explore why it can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Word.


OpenOffice Writer is one of the best Open Source Word processors available today. It is a fine replacement for Microsoft Word, equally competitive with most of the Word Processor features that are needed for an enterprise.typing The only nit-picking you could do is grumble about rather slow responsive behavior of the OpenOffice Office Suit. That is, a slight slower performance when compared to Microsoft office applications. but, it is really not a big deal considering that it is absolutely free even for commercial use. No need to burn your pocket on an office suit like you would do with Microsoft office! Yeah, you can be a little generous and very well donate some money to OpenOffice for their efforts though!

So, enough about praising OpenOffice Writer! What does it offer? Plenty lot of features!

Advantages of OpenOffice Writer

  • Supports Writing, Editing and Reviewing Documents – including spell checking, revision tracking, finding and replacing text, Adding comments and more.
  • Supports Auto correction while typing, Auto completion of words.
  • Advanced Page layout settings – including numerous page styles, themes, columns, tables, frames, fonts etc.
  • Supports templates ,styles and Macros.
  • Supports using Fields, Tables of Contents, Indexes, and Bibliographies.
  • Support for large documents: including master documents, chapters, footnotes and endnotes.
  • Support for Microsoft Office document formats (DOCX file format is not yet supported but soon will :))
  • Support for graphics, placing or manipulating graphics and much more.
  • Supports many software extensions like enhanced dictionaries, grammar checks etc which can be downloaded free of cost from OpenOffice website.
  • Wizards to simplify letters, faxes, agendas, minutes, or carrying out more complex tasks such as mail merges.
  • and best of all, it is Free (commercial or non commercial use)!

As you can see, OpenOffice Writer is quite a handful with fine features. Below is a screenshot showing a word document in Writer, with highlighted text, comments, changes being tracked etc. These are most useful when you are reviewing a document with peers. People can highlight a piece of text or add a comment on their views etc. Author can even opt for a tracking changes so that OpenOffice Writer does the dirty job of tracking changes made by all reviewers etc. Everything you would want from a Word processor is supported!


Microsoft Word like toolbars with lots of functionalities…


Lot of backgrounds


Microsoft Word like Graphical Fonts!


Lots of Autoshapes.


So many goodies that OpenOffice Writer offers can not be documented here. However, no software is perfect. OpenOffice Writer too has its share of Downers.

Disadvantages of OpenOffice Writer

  • There are still compatibility issues with Microsoft Word. OpenOffice Writer has improved a lot since its early versions but still there are glitches while you import documents from Microsoft Word and vice versa. OpenOffice Writer may be challenging for those who frequently have to work with Microsoft Word users due to compatibility issues.
  • OpenOffice Writer is responsive and agile but not as responsive as Microsoft Word.
  • OpenOffice Writer is more memory intensive than Microsoft Word.

Checkout OpenOffice Writer here.

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