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Build iPhone/iPad Apps Without Coding Quickly In Days!

There are unified frameworks for mobile developers such as PhoneGap, appMobi, RhoMobile etc. but they do require you to have some programming experience such as HTML5, Ruby, JavaScript etc. What if, you need to develop app without having to code? Well, it seems, there is a way now…


Red Foundry

Red Foundry lets you develop iPhone and iPad applications without programming. It is a feature rich, web based developer studio that lets you just develop the app just by editing templates and using built in tools in a few days. It is free to try and inexpensive to maintain. Right now, Android support is still being added but in a short while, that too will be available for you!

Just 5 Steps to build and deploy your App using Red Foundry!

  1. Design – Build your App without coding
  2. Build – Leverage built in widgets or build your own
  3. Test – Test your app on the real device as you work
  4. Deploy – Publish your App to AppStore
  5. Manage – Get you App analytics
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