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Cute Gadget – Wireless Internet Alarm Clock That Knows Podcast, Weather, News and a Lot Of Other Internet Stuff!


Chumby is Cute and best of all, it is a wireless enabled and delivers internet in a friendly manner! whether it is for your bedroom or basement, it is a window in to your internet world! How about keeping it as your intelligent alarm clock that reads out latest weather report to you while you try to wake up? or plays your favorite internet radio station for you to wake up? cool isn’t it?

Chumby can do a lot of stuff! It can have up to 1500 Internet Widgets in 30 different categories such as weather, social networks, photos, sports, news, entertainment, videos and much more.!

  • News and Entertainment – Stay informed — Chumby can keep you up-to-date with popular local, national, and international news sources like The New York Times, Reuters and NPR. Need your fix of celebrity news? They’ve got plenty of ways to keep you in the gossip loop, with dish from sites like MTV, VH1 and ET. The Chumby RSS Reader also lets you follow the RSS feeds of your choice
  • Music and Podcast – Tune into one of many internet radio options. Pandora Radio builds personalized music playlists based on artists or songs you like. SHOUTcast streams thousands of free online radios stations from around the world. The New York Times, CBS, and Mediafly offer podcasts on a ton of topics, like news, sports, comedy, fitness, science, travel, languages, entertainment, and much more. Radio Free Chumby has a dozen stations you can quickly tune into.
  • Photos and Sharing – Got an account on Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, or Facebook? Perfect! Use the chumby as a digital photo frame to show off your favorite photos (or your friend’s photos). You can view public or private photos, or search for specific photos using tags.
  • Social networking – Stay connected — view the latest activity on your social network accounts like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Games – Play Games!
  • Weather Updates – Get latest weather report!
  • Videos – View and share popular video clips, off-beat animations, anime, vintage cartoons and media mashups from YouTube, VH1, CBS, and more. Enjoy videos from sites like YouTube and VH1, or build your own using the Animoto widget.
  • and much more!


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