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Free Web Meeting, Sharing Document, Watch YouTube Together And More With ShowDocument


ShowDocumet is Free, No Registration required, instantaneous Web Meeting, Document Sharing web based service. Absolutely, light weight, lightning fast service that offers a lot of features;

  • Online document sharing
  • Interactive Whiteboard, Drawing tools, Text editor, chat
  • Watch YouTube, Google Map together
  • Sharing Google Doc files
  • Easy Skype integration to talk during sessions…


Interactive Whiteboard is very useful during meeting.


Interactive YouTube Video Watch is also interesting. You can watch YouTube videos with friends together!


Collaboratively watch Google Maps!


Very interesting and nice web service that will enhance your online collaboration!

Have You Been Laid Off? Here Is How To Get Hired

Though there are many sites for job seekers, most of them are focused on openings instead of the candidate. In the Web 2.0 era, finally there are some nice online serves that focuses more on the candidate rather than the openings.


Jobfox is one such online service where you must have your resume if you are seeking for a new job or it could be your first job.

Jobfox is one of the best online services available for job seekers and it’s focused on candidates instead of openings. Employees and job seekers post their resumes and obtain their own free page with a unique URL. They an create their own branding and answer in-depth questions that are traditionally asked during interviews. This provides employers with more information and they rely on Jobfox to match candidates.

Jobfox, don’t just give you a list of jobs and leave the rest up to you. It provides more features what a traditional job site does not provide. See the comparison here:

  Jobfox Traditional Job Sites
A list of jobs   X   X
+ Mutual Suitability SystemTM   X  
+ Rated on a 5 star suitability scale   X  
Apply for jobs   X   X
+ Intros to decision makers   X  
Jobfox Career Web Page   X  

The Jobfox Mutual Suitability System – More than a list of jobs
uses an in-depth question and answer format to learn about your experience, wants and needs. This allows understanding much more than what your resume could tell. It then presents you with only the opportunities (rated on a 5-star scale) that matchs what. As the employers using Jobfox also participate in this same process, you can be assured that they know you are well qualified for their position.

The Jobfox Intro – Beyond applying for a job
Using our Jobfox Advantage premium service, you can go above and beyond a job application. For jobs you like, Jobfox will contact employers on your behalf and present you directly. That’s the Jobfox Intro!

The Jobfox Career Webpage – Your online professional brand
When you create a suitability profile with Jobfox, you also get the benefit of a personal career focused web page. Using the information from your profile, Jobfox will create a page that provides insight to who you are and what you’ve done. With a quick glance, employers can evaluate your experience, skills, work style, samples and more. You’ll get a personalized web address (URL) to send to potential employers or whoever you’d like to know the professional you. It’s a great resource for building your personal brand. Read more here and get started.

Read more here.


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Don’t Know The Song You Are Humming? The Rat Will Find It For You

If you are humming few words from a song but don’t know the song title and artist, then just get on to LyricRat.

Lyric Rat is naming that tune in 140 characters or less.


When tried to search for “But now it seems I’m just a stranger to myself” it took 3 seconds and came up with the result “Wasted Years by Iron Maiden”.It also lists some alternatives. You can make sure by listening to a shot clip of the song online to confirm its the same tune you were looking for. To buy the album, just click on the title or artist that would take you to amazon where you can directly buy.


Lyric Rat names that tune in 140 characters or less on Twitter.


Alternatively, just send a tweet to @LyricRat with some lyrics and the Rat will reply with the song title and artist and a link with more info. How cool isn’t it?

Get on to LyricRat and try it yourself!

So next time you want to find a title or artist of a song, you know how to get it.


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SuggestionBox.com – The New Way To Send Suggestions

Gone are the days when suggestions are written in a piece of paper and dropped into a suggestion box and wait for actions to take place. With the Web 2.0 coming in, the web has developed to a point where nearly anything is possible and giving suggestions or feedback is no exception.


Image Soure: http://beyondcreativity.blogs.com

What is SuggestionBox.com?

SuggestionBox.com is one such application where users can send suggestions and watch ideas turn into action. It is a simple solution that people can use to let organization know what they want. Any person can simply submit a suggestion for any company.


How can user submit a suggestion?

When one user submits first suggestion on a company, a box gets created even if that company does not have a account setup at SuggestionBox.com. Others can start contributing feedback. SuggestionBox.com lets user to  create a profile page their own with categories of drafts, future, coming soon, and implemented suggestions. It lets users to add friends and exchange messages. Individuals sign-up with SuggestionBox.com for free and make suggestions.

How can a company use SuggestionBox.com?

A representative from the company can take over management of the box and start responding to comments. Representative of the company can categorize, status label and prioritize feedback in an easy to read inbox.

Here is a snapshot of Xbox 360 SuggestionBox.com.


Here is how it works for companies.

Listen to your customers. Capture their ideas and suggestions. Show them that you care and want to hear what they have to say.

  • Set up your SuggestionBox to capture feedback
  • Integrate your SuggestionBox into your site with the widget or API
  • Promote your SuggestionBox online and offline

Understand what your customers want. Learn what truly motivates them.

  • Get suggestions directly to your inbox
  • Group and categorize suggestions
  • Identify the top things that your customers really want (based on followers, votes and # of suggestions in groups)
  • Get buy-in internally – Internal Scoreboard

Respond to your customers. Ask questions. Start a conversation. Dig deeper.

  • Private messaging — send messages directly to your suggesters
  • Auto-responders — send an automated response to new followers, suggesters, etc.
  • Status updates — let people know that you are working on their suggestion
  • Comment — share ideas with everyone who reads the suggestion

Build better relationships with your customers. Improve the things they want. Build customers loyalty. Enrich your brand. Create raving fans.

  • Broadcast messages — keep suggesters and followers updated
  • Promote suggestions on their site via API/RSS
  • Open a constant channel of communication
  • Start all over again


SuggestionBox.com allows companies to build relationship with each and every customer.


$49.50 monthly fee per suggestion box for one internal user, and $9.95 for each additional user. Yearly plans and nonprofit discounts are available.

A 30 day free trial is available to try.


10 Free Web Conferencing Tools

We had earlier covered how telepresence helps to save cost. Similarly, virtual meetings too can save money and support environment by eliminating travel. Online presentations, meetings are now normal and pretty much every organization makes use of some form of virtual meeting on the internet. WebEx is one of the pioneer in Web Conference technology  and now it is part of Cisco. There are others like GoToMeeting, IBM Sametime etc that offer compelling features. But these services are expensive and small companies, group of people can not afford such higher premium price.


Fortunately there are couple of Free (or much cheaper) alternatives to easy web conferencing tools that are equally packed with features. Here we list some of them. All of these work on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux.

Mikogo (Absolutely Free!)


This one is just amazing, Mikogo is an easy-to-use cross-platform desktop sharing tool, ideal for free web conferencing, online meetings or remote support. And it’s FREE for both commercial and private use. The fact is, We weren’t even aware of! Until someone from Mikogo team added a comment below! Everything looks amazing but Linux support is missing altogether. Mac is mostly supported. So, Mikogo works good on Windows. We feel that it may soon support Linux and that would be a thing to wait! Anyways, Thanks to Mikogo for the all free meeting suit,  free web conferencing tool, it really helps. Website is very neat, features are plenty without limitation and that’s the reason why it is listed in the first place!


  1. Desktop Sharing (for Mac/Windows)
  2. Multiple Meeting Participants(for Mac/Windows)
  3. Switch Presenter(for Mac/Windows)
  4. Remote Keyboard and Mouse Control(for Mac/Windows)
  5. Meeting Scheduler(for Windows)
  6. Meeting Recording and Playback (for Windows)
  7. Whiteboard (for Windows)
  8. Transfer Files(for Mac/Windows)
  9. Application Selection(for Windows)
  10. Back Monitor(for Windows)
  11. Pointer(for Mac/Windows)
  12. Copy/Paste/Email Meeting Info(for Mac/Windows)
  13. Pause Transmission(for Mac/Windows)
  14. Voice Conferencing Service(for Mac/Windows)

Vyew (Free with Limited features)


Vyew is a new and powerful platform for real-time and always on interaction between people and content. It is a great way to do free web conferencing and lets you have unlimited meetings, SSL Secure login, 10 real time participants and more.


  1. Browser based, No download is needed. It works on Windows, Mac as well as Linux.
  2. Hundreds of Active/Archived Meetings per User
  3. Flexible, PowerPoint-like Authoring
  4. All meeting content is auto-saved in real-time, always available to authorized users.
  5. Publish your meetings via direct URL or embedded in a webpage/email.
  6. Customizable interface with colors and your logo.
  7. Built-in Voice over IP )VoIP, Webcam and Free teleconferencing that use standard phones within the USA to call into a conference call system.
  8. and much more

Vyew is always free, but additional capacities and features exist for low monthly fees. Here is the pricing details.

OnWebinar (Free)


OnWebinar is a free web conf service that allows you to organize distance learning, business meetings, online coaching, videoconferences and interactive communication. The service includes video broadcasting, private chat, public chat, shared resources area (whiteboard, slide show presentation, desktop sharing, files and links), polling tools, videoconferencing etc.

BigBlueButton (Free and Open Source)


BigBlueButton is an active open source project that focuses on usability, modularity, and clean design — both for the user and the developer. The project is hosted at Google Code

DimDim (Unfortunately a paid service now after Salesforce acquisition)


DimDim delivers synchronized live presentations, whiteboards and web pages while sharing your voice and video over the Internet – with no download.  It is a good Free commercial Web Conferencing solution for team of up to 20 with features like,

  1. Browser based, It works on Windows, Mac as well as Linux.
  2. Share and Present documents
  3. Share Computer Screens, WebPages
  4. Share microphones (up to 4 people for Free)
  5. Share whiteboards
  6. Built-in VoIP support and more…

DimDim is capable and unofficially known as an alternative to WebEx that can really save money on Pro accounts. However, DimDim gained faster publicity by going open source, referred to as a free/cheaper alternative to WebEx. Apparently, they had a cynical plan to get sold for a quick bucks :)

Yugma (Free with Limited features)


Yugma offers free, pro and enterprise service for desktop sharing, web conferencing, online meetings, and web collaboration for Mac, Windows, and Linux users. Yugma has solutions for individuals, organizations, and small or large businesses. Yugma is perfect for web conferencing, online meetings, webinars, web meetings, web collaboration, desktop sharing, sales presentations, online training, and remote support. Yugma for Skype is also available and provides instant desktop sharing and interactive collaboration tools for Skype users. Yugma is free web conferencing solution with limited features.


  1. Yugma Free allows 20 attendees host a meeting (premium versions support up to 500 attendees)
  2. Desktop Sharing
  3. Free Teleconferencing
  4. Public and Private Chat
  5. Customizable Widget
  6. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux
  7. Skype Integration

Adobe ConnectNow (Free with Limited features)


Adobe ConnectNow, one of the Acrobat.com services, is a great way to share ideas, discuss details, and complete work together — all online. Reduce travel costs, save time, and increase productivity with a web conferencing solution that’s easy to access and simple to use.  Use screen sharing, chat, notes, audio, and video to conduct meetings online that can be as interactive and productive as in-person meetings. Adobe ConnectNow is free web conferencing solution with limited features.


  1. Screen sharing
  2. Whiteboards
  3. Remote control
  4. Integrated audio choices
  5. Meeting URL
  6. Video conferencing and more…

YuuGuu (Free with Limited features)


Yuuguu offers cross network instant messaging, instant screen sharing, real time collaboration, free web conferencing and remote support. YuuGuu Free is good for starters with Screen Sharing support up to 5 participants and features like;

  1. Integrated chat and real time collaboration
  2. Screen sharing in real time
  3. High Quality Global Audio Conferencing

YuuGuu has premium paid versions too that support more features.

OpenMeetings (Free)


OpenMeetings, an Open Source Free Web Conferencing tool that is worth trying. It supports a lot of features…


  1. Video/Audio
  2. See Desktop of any participant
  3. Whiteboard with drawing, write & edit, dragNDrop, Resizing, Images (DragNDrop from Library), Symbols
  4. Safe/export Drawings from whiteboard and load it next time, edit and resave
  5. Document Importing
  6. Send invitation and direct links into a conference room
  7. LDAP-Connector
  8. Remote SOAP-Gateway for Single Sign On, integration and remote administration
  9. Moderating System, User-/Organisation-/Moderating- System
  10. Private and Public (Organisation only) Conference-Rooms

WebHuddle (Free)


WebHuddle (free web conferencing tool) makes it easy to meet with the people you need to, when you need to — all it takes is a web-enabled PC and something to say. Using WebHuddle, you have options and flexibility. Meetings can be conducted either in conjunction with an enterprise’s existing teleconferencing service, or utilizing WebHuddle’s optional voice over IP. WebHuddle also offers recording capabilities — presentations can easily be recorded for playback over any web browser for those who missed the live meeting. WebHuddle is Open Source.

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