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Top 5 Time Wasters For Developers – Productivity Dampeners!

Time spent can not be taken back! Every time some one does work, an equal amount of money would have been spent. If the work done was not productive then it is a clear wastage. Everyday, software developers work and rework for over trivial bugs and optimizations. Software development is very critical for the success of the project. What are the major hurdles or time wasters to get ideal productivity? What are the top time wasting factors for developers?


  1. Coding without planning – Developers try out features that are not really a priority for the customer! A cool feature for a developer may not be cool for the actual customer! Why waste time on cool features that are not going to be used by anyone? Instead we need to focus on the right features prioritized by the customer. The classic Agile way – High priority user stories from customer is broken down in to tasks of manageable sizes. A task that takes 4 to 8 hours are ideal to chew in a day. This consistently ensures that what ever we are doing is needed by the customer.

  2. Switching tasks continuously – Task switching takes or eats up a lot of time of developers. It is not easy to go back and forth in different tasks. It leads to lot of human errors and will take time to debug later. It is better we complete the task or to point where we can easily get back later.

  3. Fixing un-related bugs and enhancement of code – Developers easily get carried away when they are looking at inherited code. They may tend to fix trivial issues or enhancing the way it works. This loses focus and actual work may get masked because of this. Of course, we should not leave noticed bugs to the mercy of testers but factor a detailed effort to fix them or enhance them.

  4. Late building or Build once a week attitude – Developers need to build code frequently. Larger the code base, the more it takes time to build, more time to fix bugs, integration issues etc. Even setting up a Continuous Integration Server will help. Code fast, build frequently!

  5. Early optimize or over engineering – As the project starts, many facts evolve as we progress. Customer may give more details as move ahead in the plan. Over engineering early may lead to wastage of time. We may need to entirely re-write already optimized code leading to frustration! It is better we write the whole feature, test and then optimize. Once the feature is working, we could always beautify the code. This will always help to keep the tidy and commented code!

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