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Why Twitter chose bit.ly?

Our earlier article on TOP 5 URL shortening services needs a revisit :) A lot has changed after Twitter made bit.ly as their default URL shortening service. TinyURL seems to have lost a significant market share. There is developing story of market consolidation, tr.im service being shut-down, we expect many such services to say good-bye. Bit.ly is the market leader now after Twitter made it as official URL shortening service.


So, why did Twitter chose bit.ly? Why not TinyURL or others? Why there is a default URL shortening on Twitter at all? Why not users have their own preference? Well, What happens to URLs of discontinued services? tr.im promises that the shortened URLs would continue to live up-to Dec, 2009. But what happens after that? Is there a way to make those URLs live longer time? These are some of the questions need to be answered. In Official tr.im blog, a lot of responses are appearing and some of them are really thought provoking. Have a look at it here

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Tweet# – A complete C# wrapper for Twitter APIs

Hello Twitter API! So, so many out there are fiddling with Twitter APIs, getting their handy dirty to provide more and more innovative Twitter clients. or Are they really getting their hand dirty? :) Well, May be and may be not because there are so many wrappers for Twitter APIs. Tweet# (TweetSharp) is a complete .NET library for microblogging platforms that allows you to write short and sweet expressions that convert automatically to web queries and fly to Twitter on your behalf.


TweetSharp is actively developed by Dimebrain, licensed under the MIT License, with source code hosted on Google Code.

A lot of examples are also present here that will give a good overview of Tweet#.

Some examples,


There are other Twitter C# wrapper options like, Yedda C# library, Twitterizer, LinqtoTwitter etc. So, the bottom-line is, If you want to write a C# based client for Twitter, then it

is not that messy! Thanks to all these wrappers.

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Explore social networking sites with Flock Social Web Browser

Flock 2.5 is a Free and Open Source, Web Browser specially built for browsing Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, MySpace and many more. Advantage is that it beautifully combines traditional browser features along with focus on social networking and web 2.0 features. Flock is an award winning browser that is available for Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS. It is based on Mozilla Firefox Codebase and quite stable and usable as Firefox :). Needless to say, with an estimated $30 million funding, Flock is becoming a prominent browser player quietly and steadily.

Flock 2.0

Flock 2.5 integrates social networking and media services including MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc Notably, when logging into any of the supported social services, Flock can track updates from friends: profiles, uploaded photos, and more. Flock’s latest 2.5 version added Twitter Search functionality, multi-casting of status updates to multiple services, and the introduction of instant messaging via Facebook Chat in the browser.


Accessing your mails is so easy, Just select your email provider, Gmail, Yahoo mail or AOL mail (as of now) and enter the username and password. That’s it. You sift through your emails easily.


Flock is also a very capable RSS aggregator with category support.


Flock supports 3rd party add-ons, here is a Winamp add-on toolbar on Flock!


All in all, Flock 2.5 is a capable Browser with extra focus on Social networking, RSS, emails, chatting etc via unified user interface that eases your life without having to juggle between multiple applications.

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5 ways to Twitter directly from your Desktop!

Twitter is sort of a phenomenon now. Due to its popularity and users, there are so many Desktop clients, plug-ins and so on for Twitter. If you are looking for Tweeting directly via a desktop client and then the options are plenty. But here is a list of 5 Twitter desktop clients that are highly popular because of their features and support…


1. TweetDeck


TweetDeck is very good, lets you manage your ever-increasing list of friends list on Twitter, allows you to group and more.

  • Tweet directly from TweetDeck and share photos or web links
  • Manage conversations with @replies and direct messages
  • Create Groups to easily follow friends, colleagues or other interest groups
  • Keep a finger on the pulse with Twitscoop and local trends.
  • Follow topics in real-time with saved searches
  • Update Facebook and view your friends’ status updates
  • Preview short URLs from the comfort of TweetDeck
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts easily


2. Twhirl


Twhirl is Adobe AIR based desktop client for Twitter and is top of the line. Unfortunately it doesn’t support Linux! Plenty of features…


3. Tweetie


Tweetie is an exclusive client for Mac OS. It is so simple and intuitive that you would think that it is an official Apple product! Supports conversation, searching, bookmarking and more.


4. TwitterFox


TwitterFox is a FireFox add-in for Twitter. If you are a FireFox addict (who isn’t?) then this add-in will come in handy. It supports lot of features and a must try.


5. Choqok

A Free/Open Source micro-blogging client for K Desktop Environment. The name comes from an ancient Persian word, means Sparrow! Currently supports Twitter.com and Identi.ca services. Good features like Twitpic.com, KWallet, KNotification, Libnotify etc integrations…



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Twitter directly from your Outlook Inbox

A good news for Twitter addicts who are mostly on Microsoft Outlook. There is a Twitter Client, TwInBox for Outlook that lets directly interact with your Twitter profile, update your Twitter status, see your friends’ updates and do much more! We have been using TwInBox for a while and been addicted to it. Having a Twitter client on Outlook is very advantageous :) as Outlook is a kind of a tool that remains open until shutdown your computer and having regular update from twitter lets you be in touch with the friends.


TwInBox is a perfect Twitter client for Outlook, whether you are a twitter newbie or an advanced user. It supports a lot of features to quench your Twitter thirst :)


Here is a list of features;

  • Update your Twitter status directly from Outlook.
  • Receive your friend updates in Outlook.
  • Archive, manage, group and search your tweets the
    same way you manage your email (details).
  • Search, track keywords. TwInbox will automatically download ALL tweets matching the keywords you specify, even if you are not following the tweet sender. This feature is perfect for keeping up to date with the Twitter buzz on your name, brand, interests, etc.
  • Group tweets by sender, topic, etc using the Search feature.
  • Upload and post picture files and Outlook email attachments.
  • See new tweets at a glance (details).
  • Assign custom folder and categories to new messages.
  • Use Outlook’s "Reply" and "ReplyAll" commands to send twitter direct messages and @replies.
  • Automatically sort new tweets into per-sender folders.
  • Shorten URLs with tinyurl.
  • See graphs of your Twitter usage statistics.
  • Tweets sent to you (@replies and direct) are marked with high importance, so you can see them at a glance.


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