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Open Source – Support Open Source

Enterprise/home users need to support open source projects such as Open Office, KDE, Linux etc. Open Source movements provides great software either free or at a reasonable price compared to proprietary vendors. How can you help Open Source software and developers?


    • Donate – contribute a small amount of money – $5, $10 etc. Though small, it helps the open source developers pay for their hosting services, etc. More the better

    • Contribute to their Documentation work – Easy to be part of their documentation team, help them translate to different languages

    • Become Beta tester – use newer versions, actively help to uncover bugs, bug reporting etc.

    • Be an open source advocate, supporter – help to spread the word. Open Source software doesn’t mean free.

      We have to sincerely involve in open source development projects, then only you can expect better products who can challenge apps like MS Office, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro etc.

      Good Luck!

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