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Free and Complete Drag Racing Simulator Available For Download!

Street Challenger – Extreme Velocity is a next generation Drag Racing simulator with the latest in 3d graphics, mp3 Music, burn-outs, customimage graphics, etc. Developed by Kris Bloom, with the help of other community testers, designers, Street Challenger EV is the right racing simulator for every racing fan.

Street Challenger EV community consists of players worldwide, ranging from casual race fans, die-hard gearheads…to seasoned real life racers. EV Fans pride themselves on their community! It requires your support! The game is Free and can be downloaded immediately without any hassles. However, it is an online/multiplayer game so you need broadband internet connection. 


  • Point system, you earn points while you race. Based on the points you can upgrade your car etc.
  • Garage
  • Lot of tracks
  • Great details in cars, tracks and other 3D elements.
  • Multiplayer game and you can challenge others.
  • Great community with chat, forum support.
  • Tournament support and much much more for FREE :)

Following screenshots will give you a better idea on how the game really looks like!




If you are interested in trying out the game, then please download it here. Its about 200MB in size.

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