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35 Sets of Free Social Media Bookmarking Icons

When the social media icons are attractive, the probability of visitors clicking on them increases. Also the web site looks neat when the social media icons blend with the theme of the web site. And its always nice to have some eye catchy icons on your website. You don’t have to break your head to create one for your self. there are plenty of beautifully designed social media icons available on the web.

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Here are some great looking social media bookmarking icons.

1.Black Button


2.Red Button


3. White Buttons


4. Sticker Style


5. Sticky Tab



6. Wooden Style


7. Gold Icons


8. Hand Drawn


9. Painted


10. Button Style


11. Plain Icons


12. Sagalow Social Media


13. Wood Social Networking Icons


14. Social icon pack


15. 65 Bookmarks And Social Icons


17. Social Media Bookmark Icon +


18. Social Icons hand drawn


19. OLED social icons


20. Antique Social Media Icons


21. Denim Jeans Social Media Icons


22. Bulb Social Media Icons


23. Transparent Glass Social Icons


24. Silver Social Media Icons


25. Set of social icons


26. Free Social Icon set in Heart Shape


27. 12 social media icons


28. Web Social Icon


29. FreeHand_ColorStroked icon pac


30. 108 Glowing Neon Social Media


31. Green Jelly Social Media


32. WebDev Social Bookmark


33. Magic Marker Icons


34. Whitewashed Star Patterned


35. 108 Red Pearl Soc. Media Icons


Socialseek – An Easy Way To Stay On Top Of All Social Goodness

Now it’s fun, simple and easy to stay on top of all the social goodness happening online. Press, blogs, tweets, videos, pics, and events on any topic, in your city or anywhere. See what’s making noise – hot topics, stars, favorite team, even your brand – all in real-time and stay in the scene with Socialseek!


Sensidea has rolled out a new very innovative social media monitor that lets you track all the social goodness for free called SocialSeek. With a very good coverage of its launch at Techcrunch, has seen incredible response with a 700+ download on the first day. What a great way to start!!

SocialSeek is a desktop application that runs on Adobe Air. You can search for a topic, item, brand or company across news sites, blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and events. You can also track mentions of a particular search query by city and receive charts that show trends on popularity of a topic across websites, or Twitter.

It’s a boon for the social marketing gurus.


10 Strengths of SocialSeek’s are
1. Seek Blogs, Tweets, Videos, Images, and Events!
2. Add any site you want to track, no problem!
3. Real-time automatic updates and notifications!
4. Track all the chatter by city or anywhere
5. Find something interesting? One click away! So simple but so powerful…
6. Compare topics to see what’s making more noise
7. Quick charts to see trends and track what’s hot
8. Export results to CSV & PDF
9. Brands! Track yourself against the competition!
10. Windows & Mac Compatible!

Competitors to Socialseek include Viralheat and Peoplebrowsr, which both help marketers track the buzz around a certain individual or brand on social media sites and web sites.

Explore social networking sites with Flock Social Web Browser

Flock 2.5 is a Free and Open Source, Web Browser specially built for browsing Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, MySpace and many more. Advantage is that it beautifully combines traditional browser features along with focus on social networking and web 2.0 features. Flock is an award winning browser that is available for Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS. It is based on Mozilla Firefox Codebase and quite stable and usable as Firefox :). Needless to say, with an estimated $30 million funding, Flock is becoming a prominent browser player quietly and steadily.

Flock 2.0

Flock 2.5 integrates social networking and media services including MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc Notably, when logging into any of the supported social services, Flock can track updates from friends: profiles, uploaded photos, and more. Flock’s latest 2.5 version added Twitter Search functionality, multi-casting of status updates to multiple services, and the introduction of instant messaging via Facebook Chat in the browser.


Accessing your mails is so easy, Just select your email provider, Gmail, Yahoo mail or AOL mail (as of now) and enter the username and password. That’s it. You sift through your emails easily.


Flock is also a very capable RSS aggregator with category support.


Flock supports 3rd party add-ons, here is a Winamp add-on toolbar on Flock!


All in all, Flock 2.5 is a capable Browser with extra focus on Social networking, RSS, emails, chatting etc via unified user interface that eases your life without having to juggle between multiple applications.

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20+ Family 2.0 Networking Sites


Source: www.ora.ucr.edu

Family 2.0 refers to the niche of Web 2.0 that is a tailored version of the popular social networking for families. These services typically allow families to communicate, collaborate, build family trees, share photos and videos. Tech savvy families are getting more and more into family social networking sites to collaborate and communicate better. They offer a private and secured way of building family heritage and roots information. Here is a list of such Family 2.0 social networking sites which connect families, parents and mothers together for one purpose – Collaboration.

1 Amiglia


Amiglia lets your moments in life with your loved ones. Amiglia supports a lot of features like, Family tree with GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) support, unlimited photos, videos, easy tagging, map support for geolocated photo albums, family face book, no advertisements, spam free and many more. It is a paid service (50$ per year) with 30 days free trial option.

2 Geni


Geni is a popular family social networking site with over 55 million registered users. Using Geni, you can build your family tree, share photos and videos, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Basic version is free but a Pro version also exists. Pro users will be charged at 5$ a month and get a Pro Badge, family tree export option to GEDCOM format is available and a premium support will be in place. Founder of Geni.com, David O. Sacks is also the founder of the award winning Yammer, an enterprise micro-blogging service.

3 Cingo


Cingo lets families click together. Offers features that let you share calendars, shared To-Do lists, Shared grocery lists, task control managers, news etc among families. However, it does not offer features like creation of family tree, sharing photos with other family members etc. Cingo is specialized in managing families busy lives on the web and is priced at 5$ a month.

4 Family Pursuit


Family Pursuit us a Genealogy Community Tree that allows you to network and collaborate with other genealogists. Supports community tree, Coordinated genealogy research, Genealogy Wiki, collaboration etc. A unique genealogy site which is priced at 60$ a year.

5 Family Mingle


Family Mingle is a great new meeting place for your family. It supports Private Family Trees, Photo sharing on Family message boards, Shared birthday, family event calendars etc.

6 Famiva


Famiva is a free social network for families. Famiva lets create your family tree instantly with unlimited family member tree, high definition picture sharing among family members, blogs, shared events and much more.

7 Famoodle


Famoodle supports picture sharing, family blogs, discussion boards, share family related information etc.

8 Ancestry.com


Ancestry.com has more than 11million family trees and a perfect way to have an online family tree. It is paid service and lets you upload your GEDCOM file and crate family trees instantly.

9 Genoom


Create your family tree, and family network, It’s private, secure & free at Genoom.

10 Dynastree


Create your family tree and stay in contact with your relatives. It is free and secured. If you have a GEDCOM family tree file and then Dynastree lets you import it.

11 Kincafe


Kincafe lets stay in touch with the family around the globe. You can share Photo Albums, Calendars in a safe and secured way. It also supports family tree creation.

12 My Heritage


My Heritage lets you share your family tree and photos with the people you know and love. It supports GEDCOM files.

13 My Family


Connect your family online on MyFamily.com. Create a private website for Stories, Photos, Videos and Events.

14 OurStory


At OurStory, make your timeline about anything and collaborate with family and friends. Also add your timeline to MySpace or your blog.

15 Famundo


Famundo can be fore families as well as organizations. It’s your family hub, with an online family calendar to make your family’s schedule manageable, giving control over your daily life. Free online calendar and other tools for schools, churches, and clubs, to easily share events with members.

16 We Relate


WeRelate is a free public-service wiki for genealogy sponsored by the Foundation for On-Line Genealogy in partnership with the Allen County Public Library. It is a largest Genealogy wiki. WeRelate is currently in beta. It is supported by volunteers and your tax-deductible donations.

17 Family Den


Family Den is a place where your family can create your very own private websites and stay connected. On Family Den your family can easily share family photos, family videos, post family announcements and more.

18 Minti


Minti is a Parenting collaboration site. You get answers for Parenting related questions from other parents. It is a Parenting wiki kind of social community.

19 Families.com


Families is a community dedicated to Parenting, Relationships etc.

20 Living Memory


Living memory lets you record your life experiences – Moments, – Stories, – Events, – Photos Create your child’s timeline, records their childhood as it happens! Share your knowledge with the world or share it only with your family.

21 Baby Center (Maya’s Mom)

baby center

At Baby Center community, you can connect with parents like you, Share your frustrations and get advice, Create or join a group with other parents, Keep a journal of your memories, Show your favorite photos and view the latest shots from friends.

22 Mothers Click


Mothers Click is as the name suggests, a Mommies hang out place on the web. If you are looking out for socializing with other mothers in your locality, it is the right place. From parenting to cooking to women’s health, you get information.

If you are using others or aware of other such Family 2.0 services, please comment below.

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