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Smart Phone Market Share – iPhone and Android are battling, Symbian, RIM are down!

AdMob serves more than 10 billion ads per month to more than 15,000 mobile websites   and applications. This kind of huge traffic lets AdMob to provide a realistic statistics on what kind of mobile devices are in their network. Please note that the below statics are mains Ad impressions but it may be taken as page views as ads are embedded in normal web pages and can give pretty good indicators of the genuine web impressions. If you see the below graph, Android is the clear winner because of its steep growth over others and soon it looks like it will be together with iPhone. Symbian is looking like it just had a free fall!

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One of the top blogs, Ars technica has released their mobile web stats, which closely matches the AdMob statistics. Android has gained a great momentum and if it continues the same way, probably iPhone will be knocked out of the race? Time needs to tell that for sure.


  • In February 2010, the leading smartphone operating systems in the AdMob network were the iPhone OS, Android, and Symbian. Over the last year, the iPhone increased its share of smartphone requests from 33% to 50% while Symbian’s share of requests fell from 43% to 18%.
  • Android was the fastest growing operating system in the AdMob network year-over-year. Android’s share of smartphone requests increased from 2% in February 2009 to 24% in
    February 2010. The top five Android devices worldwide, by traffic, were the Motorola Droid, HTC Dream, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, and the Motorola CLIQ. (Source AdMob)


Source: Ars Technica

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