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Make Your Own StackOverFlow In A Jiffy

StackOverFlow.com is one of the best sites for your technical questions to be asked and answered! This has successfully taken the hat from the premium Experts-Exchange.com service as the best Q&A site!

Though StackOverFlow is around, many a times, we may need to have our own question n answer setup which is private to enterprise, or simply to have a similar site.

If you are looking to setup a similar site for questions and answers, you are in luck as there few competent open source & free Q&A engines that just does that job of SO!


A highly scalable Q&A engine written in PHP that uses MongoDB for hyper scalability. It has deep integration with social media such as FB, Twitter etc. Can be hosted easily on LAMP or XAMP environment.

alternatives to StackOverFlow


Shapado is Q&A for enterprise or communities similar to StackOverFlow. Capable and easy to install. Though a premium service, Shapado offers a free plan with unlimited traffic with no custom ads and no custom domain.


Stacked is an open source implementation using .Net. Source code is also available for you to modify if needed.

Similar Open Source StackOverFlow.com Implementations – Host Your Own StackOverFlow!

StackOverFlow.com is one the best question and answer website that is like a drug for everyone who is looking for some plain no-nonsense answers. So, what if you want to host similar question and answer website? Do you develop your own? Sure why not. But, if you do not want to develop you own but to have one that workes like StackOverFlow.com, there are few options…



Lampcms is an full-featured Open Source Question and Answers web program with deep integration with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger and soon LinkedIn APIs. Click here for more.


An open source StackOverFlow clone. Click here for more and download.


An Open Source implementation of a similar system to StackOverFlow. Get it here.

Also, visit Stack Exchange to find more questions and answers websites.

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