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60+ Open Source Developer Tools That Will Boost Your Productivity, Improve Quality

Though there are so many commercially available tools with good customer support, developers are always on the lookout for free and Open Source tools. Here in this post we present 60+ open source tools that any developer can pick and choose from according to the requirements. These tools improve the quality of work and boost the productivity of developers.


7 Open Source UML Modelers

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the most popular open method used to specify, visualize, construct and document the artifacts of an object-oriented software-intensive system that is under development. UML Modelers is another must have design tool.

10 Free Text Editors

Text and Source Code editors are always needed for any developer and editors with lots of features always a best companion for a developer. All these editors are customizable, support multiple file formats, syntax highlighting and support compiler integration. There editors are followed by a huge user base who cannot leave without them.

5 Open Source Code Review Tools

Code review is another area where most developers have problems with. This is basically due to the lack of quality tools available forcing developers to perform code reviews via emails. There are good open source code review tools available to assist the developers to perform code review process effectively

10 Code Coverage Tools for C & C++

Code coverage is a measure used in software testing that describes the degree to which the source code of a program has been tested. It a form of white box testing as it is a form of testing that inspects the code directly. To measure how well the software is tested by a test suite, one or more coverage criteria are used. The tools featured here provide an easy way to measure code coverage with a number of code coverage criteria’s like function coverage, statement overage, decision coverage etc.

12 Source Code Profilers for C & C++

Code Profilers are very distinct from traditional debuggers. They are able to catch the trivial and non fatal coding errors which are often hard for humans to catch. These trivial bugs later claim weeks of debugging and extra cost to fix. Code profilers will save you hours of debugging time. These tools can automatically detect many memory management and threading, etc bugs. These 12 tools featured here will give you the confidence that your programs are free from many common bugs, some of which would take hours to find manually, or never be found at all.

11 free tools for static code analysis

Static code analysis is the analysis of a code that is performed without actually executing program build. The analysis is performed by tools varying from those that only considers the behavior of individual statements and declarations, to those that include the complete source code of a program in their analysis. These 11 tools highlights possible coding errors (e.g., the lint tool), possible memory leaks etc

8 Best of All Open Source Developer Tools

10 hand picked top free and open source tools for RIA platform, AJAX framework, business rule management system, parallel programming, version control package, object database, Web service test tool, and HTTP client library

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