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Open Source For .Net Developers – Free .Net Code Coverage, Free C#, VB.Net IDE

Code Coverage describes the degree to which the source code of a program has been tested. This is very essential for any Application developers or even for product companiimagees to have reliable software for customers. NCover was one of the best choice for Free and Open Source Code Coverage Tool for .Net Applications. Unfortunately and disappointingly it was commercialized recently making it an expensive tool to acquire. However, thanks to Open Source community, there is a mature alternative to NCover. PartCover is Free and Open Source, a good alternative to NCover. It has GUI as well as Console mode. It has the capability to color code your source with the details on code coverage details etc. For more, please refer to Relentless Development Blog.


#Develop – SharpDevelop is a free IDE for C# and VB.NET projects on Microsoft’s .NET platform. This free and easy IDE for C# and VB.net has inbuilt support for PartCover as default Code Coverage tool. It has integrated debugger, auto completion mode, Resource Editor and much more.


Hopefully, there will be more and more support for .net developers from Open Source community. Microsoft might learn from Open Source some day.

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