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5 Free Cloud Storage Service For iPhone That Are Really Awesome

iPhone has some really cool Apps that support a variety of file types, you can review and share everything with colleagues and clients – from Office documents to videos; and you don’t need additional software. Whether you’re working from home, in your office or traveling, These iPhone Apps are really agile in sharing and collaborating files and media across locations and people. There are many such services but 5 are listed here. Do comment below if you know better ones.

ZumoDrive (Free 2GB)

This lets you Supersize your iPhone so you can bring all your music, photos, documents and more with you anywhere! It offers best Media Capabilities out of Cloud Apps. It lets you browse through the your music, artist by artist and much more. By the way, ZumoDrive is not just limited to iPhone but can be accessed from PC/Mac as well.


Soonr (Free 2GB)

Access, View, Collaborate, Search, print and more with Soonr. You can put documents with Soonr on cloud securely. It makes your team to collaborate on projects when everyone is mobile.


Dropbox (Free 2GB)

Dropbox is easy to sync file with online storage and sharing. It lets you access your DropBox on the go, viewing, Downloading, Take photos and syncing etc.


Box.net (Free 1GB)

Box.net is sharing and collaboration service that can be accessed from iPhone as well. Organize and view all of your content online in a familiar file and folder structure. Share content with direct links to files and folders, turn any folder into a public webpage in one click and create widgets to share files on a company web page or blog.


iDrive (Free)

Well a little bit limited but lets your iPhone contacts to be backed up and restored from Cloud.


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