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Turn Your Regular Monitor In To Touch Screen Monitor – Can PreCursor Pull It Off?

Pranav Mistry created a sensation when he first introduced his Sixth Sense project – paradigm-shifting paper "laptop." It has some great potential. Well, he is a busy bee and doesn’t stop – he keeps working on other interesting projects. For instance, PreCursor – another interesting idea to convert your regular monitor into a touch sensitive monitor. Operate with your fingers just like you would do with your touch screen based smart phones. Probably even better as he adds a virtual layer over your existing monitor with the help of 2 web cams and a infrared device. This offers more capabilities as opposed to a multi-touch screen.


Well, it is still under progress and could be a revolutionary technique for the future. On a lighter note, will this be a commercially viable options for touch screen? considering the cost of touch screen tablets and screens are pretty affordable? We feel, unless PreCursor adds a 3D element to the screen with lesser cost, may not be viable but will remain as a interesting lab project.

Here is a video –


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