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Many World Many Language – Translate Easily with ABBYY FotoTranslate ( Free License Give Away)

Often when we travel to a foreign location we end of staring at a poster or a boarding written in a language that we do not understanding, wondering what that means. This often happens while we are at the airport, a hotel or just a shopping mall. We wish we had an inbuilt talent to translate these foreign language words into English as we keep looking at them. Well, we are not there yet, but pretty close. ABBYY FotoTranslate provides the the talent for a mobile phone to translate any word to any language, anywhere. ABBYY FotoTranslate is a new application to instantly translate foreign words on Nokia smart phones by using a built-in camera. Translate words with a single button push, wherever you are – you don’t need to type unknown foreign words by hand. The program automatically recognizes the words taken on the camera of your Smartphone and shows the translation. ABBYY FotoTranslate has 28 versions for 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish.



Key features:

  • For NOKIA (Symbian S60) smart phones only
  • Translation without manual inputting of the words
  • Offline, independent mode work (no network signal needed)
  • Quick and accurate result
  • Up-to-date high-quality dictionaries
  • Auto suggestions and manual corrections

If you are travelling to a foreign location where you do not know the language, then here is a simple and easy solution that comes handy to you on your Nokia phone. All you need to do is just drop a comment saying why you need the software and we will give you a license for free. Hurry, only limited give away.

More info here.

Zoho Productivity Products on Your Mobile

 Zoho that provides online office with a suite of productivity and collaboration applications has launched its services for mobile users. You can access Zoho services from your Mobile Phone using Mobile Web Browser. Earlier Zoho had basic mobile support for its applications on iPhone and limited support on Windows Mobile. Now Zoho has expanded his services, to support fully integrates Zoho Applications with several mobile devices.

We had covered in the past that ThinkFree, Google Docs and Zoho are Sharing online office space. Now Zoho is the pioneer in launching online office for mobile users.


As TechCrunch mentions, it provides easy access by supporting Google and Yahoo IDs.

The 6 applications Zoho Mail, Calendar, Writer, Sheet, Show and Creator are now available on all the following mobile platforms.

1. iPhone and iPod Touch

2. Android

3. Blackberry Perl, Curve, Bold, Storm

4. Windows Mobile OS version 6.x

5. Nokia Symbian S60 Platform – E71, E63, 5800 etc.


View the slide show on Zoho’s mobile integration at TechCrunch

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