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Top 10 Most Exciting Technologies of 2009


Channel Insider 2009 Market Plus Survey, lists the top 10 technologies what Solution Providers are asking for. While the spending is under pressure in IT and businesses are looking at ways to contain costs these technologies really have them excited. Smart Phones is the top most technology of 2009.

Here are the top ten technologies that solution provider say are getting customers excited:

1. Smart Phones – Business users want more connectivity, app access and telephone in their palm. The demand is reflected by the number of vendors releasing new smart phones – Microsoft to Google to Palm. Smart Phones will remain red hot through 2009

2. Virtualization – as the cost pressure is mounting, every organization is exploring virtualization applications to increase efficiency and decrease cost.

3. Handhelds Devices – They range from PDA to ultra-lite computers to speciality devices. The common advantage is that they allow the user to perform business tasks while they are away from their desk, more better than the smart phone app.

4. Software-as-a-Service – SaaS is a product of reliable bandwidth and connectivity. The morden internet is making it possible to push feature-rich apps to the usres, through the cloud. It provides users regularly updated technologies often at a lower price than the conventional software

5. Business Apps – Business and productivity software – CRM, ERP, collaboration apps, office suites etc provide businesses greater operational efficiency and greater transparency.

6. Managed Services – as businesses find it more affordable, they are ready to delegate redundant tasks to Managed Service Providers and change their IT cost from capital expense to operational expense.

7. Wireless Networking – As more and more PCs, laptops and mobile devices are added to the network, there complexity around wireless network is increasing. Businesses wants flexibility and mobility and they are willing to invest in wireless infrastructure

8. Desktop/Notebook PC – This is not your traditional desktop or notebook. Thin clients, virtualized desktops and notebooks are the next wave for personal computing.

9. E-Commerce Apps – eCommerce is becoming more and more important as the retails are falling victim to turbulent eonomy. Retailers want online portals that can reach customers with greater effeciency. eCommerce solution has clearly demonstrated Return On Investment

10. Voice Networking – Customers are screaming for more voice networking solutions that can be integrated with their existing infrastructure. Voice Networking can save money over traditional telephone system and can reduce the management complexity for IT staff.

Do you agree with the Channel Insider 2009 Market Plus Survey?

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