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Android or LiMo? What is the difference between Android and LiMo?

The LiMo Foundation is trying to create an open, Linux-based software platform for use by the whole global industry to produce mobile devices enabling a rich ecosystem of differentiated products, applications, and services from device manufacturers, operators, integrators etc.


So is Google with its Open Source Linux Platform – Android. Both are Open Source Linux based platforms targeted for Mobile Devices. Then what’s the difference?


Well, Here is a quick summary of differences as TechCrunch puts across.


Well, Who will win in this Battle?

We personally bet Android will take it. Google is the innovations boss. At the same time, LiMo is also backed by a huge list of biggies like Motorola, Samsung, NEC, Panasonic, Vodafone and many more. Ironically, companies like Motorola, DoCoMo, Samsung etc support both the platforms and fund/promote both of them. They are smart, who cares, they will use both, finally pick the one which wins :) Anyways, worth waiting for the winner. What do you think?

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