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Have You Been Laid Off? Here Is How To Get Hired

Though there are many sites for job seekers, most of them are focused on openings instead of the candidate. In the Web 2.0 era, finally there are some nice online serves that focuses more on the candidate rather than the openings.


Jobfox is one such online service where you must have your resume if you are seeking for a new job or it could be your first job.

Jobfox is one of the best online services available for job seekers and it’s focused on candidates instead of openings. Employees and job seekers post their resumes and obtain their own free page with a unique URL. They an create their own branding and answer in-depth questions that are traditionally asked during interviews. This provides employers with more information and they rely on Jobfox to match candidates.

Jobfox, don’t just give you a list of jobs and leave the rest up to you. It provides more features what a traditional job site does not provide. See the comparison here:

  Jobfox Traditional Job Sites
A list of jobs   X   X
+ Mutual Suitability SystemTM   X  
+ Rated on a 5 star suitability scale   X  
Apply for jobs   X   X
+ Intros to decision makers   X  
Jobfox Career Web Page   X  

The Jobfox Mutual Suitability System – More than a list of jobs
uses an in-depth question and answer format to learn about your experience, wants and needs. This allows understanding much more than what your resume could tell. It then presents you with only the opportunities (rated on a 5-star scale) that matchs what. As the employers using Jobfox also participate in this same process, you can be assured that they know you are well qualified for their position.

The Jobfox Intro – Beyond applying for a job
Using our Jobfox Advantage premium service, you can go above and beyond a job application. For jobs you like, Jobfox will contact employers on your behalf and present you directly. That’s the Jobfox Intro!

The Jobfox Career Webpage – Your online professional brand
When you create a suitability profile with Jobfox, you also get the benefit of a personal career focused web page. Using the information from your profile, Jobfox will create a page that provides insight to who you are and what you’ve done. With a quick glance, employers can evaluate your experience, skills, work style, samples and more. You’ll get a personalized web address (URL) to send to potential employers or whoever you’d like to know the professional you. It’s a great resource for building your personal brand. Read more here and get started.

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