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Cloud Analytics – How To Track Your Spending On Expensive Cloud Computing Resource?

Cloud Computing or the internet based computing has give rise to so many new jargons such as Software As A Service (SaaS), Platform As A Service (PaaS) etc. Many startups/enterprises have been using Cloud resources such as Amazon EC3, Microsoft Azure etc. Since these Cloud Servers offer exceptional scalability, fault tolerance, pay as you go model, Cloud Computing has become a trend for the last few months/years. But, the reality is, there are few companies that really understand how all these work and if it really offers cost reduction in maintaining Cloud resources over traditional seimagerver technology. One of Mckinsey Report says that the Cloud Computing is really expensive and they cautioned us over its costs. So, it is really a debatable question whether the Cloud Computing really helps reduce the cost or just improves flexibilities etc. However, It also depends on how we use Cloud Resource and how we utilize the storage and bandwidth optimally.

So, How do you really monitor your Cloud Spending? Is there a way so that you can monitor your Cloud Usage and Spending just like Google Analytics does for your web site? Fortunately there is now! CloudSplit can literally do that and give you a real-time dashboard for your Cloud Spending.

What can CloudSplit do for your business?

Real-time spending insight, real-time cost control.

  • Install CloudSplit’s cost counter. (It is Open Source Software that just monitors traffic)
  • View your costs by application in real-time. (It captures historical data as well as highlights big spenders)
  • Control costs with alerts and cut-off limits. (If costs are eating your profits, you will get notified)
  • Eliminate unnecessary spending on your Cloud. (Idle Servers, Unnecessary bandwidth etc cost money. Better catch them with the CloudSplit counter)


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