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Unison – The Unmatched Unified Alternative

In our previous post we had reviewed a free software based PBX – 3CX. If you are looking for an unified solution to replace your old email server, IM server and PBX, then Unison is the answer!


Unison is software that you an install on one Linux server, Unison Server. That server replaces several systems – PBX, e-mail, instant messaging, directory – with a single Unison system. Unison comes with a native desktop client for Windows or Linux, Unison Desktop.

Unison comes with 2 parts: Unison Server and the Unison Desktop.

Unison Server


Unison Server is the world’s first truly unified communications server. It includes fully-integrated e-mail, instant messaging and presence, an IP-PBX, a calendar server and an LDAP directory with contacts. Administrators manage everything via Unison Control Panel. Click to view the components and protocols we use.

What is in Unison Server?

  • PBX / telephone: Call center-class IP-PBX built in, with patented scaling technology
    Directory / contacts: LDAP with global, departmental and personal address books
  • E-mail / e-mail security: High-performance e-mail server with antivirus and antispam built in
  • Instant messaging : Integrated XMPP-based instant message and presence server
  • Calendar server: Advanced CalDAV-based calendaring with group scheduling

Unison Desktop

What is in Unison Desktop?

Unison includes Unison Desktop, a native desktop client. Running on either Windows or Linux, it replaces legacy clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. Unison Desktop is easy to use and feels familiar to people who know other clients

What is in Unison Desktop?

  • E-mail
  • Calendars and group scheduling
  • Contacts and distribution lists
  • Instant messaging  Separate client
  • User presence  Separate client
  • Telephony
  • Tasks


Well, if you have budget constrains then Unison has a zero-cost sponsored version as an alternative. If you want to get rid of the sponsor ads then you can go for a commercial license.Both versions are fully-functional, with no limits on users or how long you can use the product.

Do you want to try?

The easiest way is to try the demo version or the free download and deploy it yourself.

If you are using an email system then Unison offers a server-side migration tool to move e-mail and contacts from Microsoft Exchange to Unison.

If you are using an existing phone system then you can buy a gateway or digital card from companies such as Cisco or Digium. This allows you to connect your existing analog or digital telephone lines to Unison. If you already have a SIP provider, you can simply configure Unison to work with that system using Unison Control Panel.

Looking for more information, then checkout the benefits



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