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Top 3 Job Skills That The Emerging Cloud And Web Services Demand!

Emerging Cloud computing and web services are pushing the web space to get more and more traffic and users. Social networks such as Facebook and MySpace have millions of users on their servers and the patterns of the usage, likings etc. are very interesting to track and understand. These new hapenings on the web have completely changed the way people and especially engineers think and work. There are new requirements from technologists and here is a list of top 3 requirements in the online space at the moment.



Image Source – HowStuffWorks

  • Data Mining – Online space is vast and huge. Lots of patterns exist and the ever growing server farms and mammoth cloud infrastructure demand advanced data mining techniques to decipher key hidden. Large database engines like Hadoop, Google Mapreduce etc. offer hundreds of terabytes of database and experts on such systems are always in demand.

  • Business Intelligence – Large data from the online space attract more intelligence and business strategists. Data mining require experts who can understand the business patterns and understand the next potential business white spaces. 

  • Analytics and Statistics – Web services and cloud are attracting humongous traffic and people in to your business. Companies want automated web analytics to get the trend and statistics. What ever trend/statistics collection that can be automated are being automated. Frameworks such as Ganglia monitor distributed systems and provide analytics of the happenings.

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