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Top Interactive Geek Shirts – T-Shirts that Geeks Should Not Miss To Wear :)

Hey you fellow geeks, here is something very interesting! 8 Must have Geekiest Interactive T-Shirts to flaunt!


T-Qualizer Shirt

Flaunt the T-Qualizer T Shirt. Coolest part is T-Qualizer can dynamically change the glow with any ambient sound or music.


Personal Soundtrack Shirt

This T-Shirt Gives a background music for your boring life!


Electronic Drum Kit Shirt

This T-Shirt has real sounding Drums :)


8 bit dynamic life shirt

Didn’t you get it? Check the second picture and drool!



Brick Construction Shirt

Build your very own shirt design with the Brick Construction Shirt. Take your favorite construction blocks of choice (LEGO™, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, K’NEX Bricks™ are all compatible) then start building. You can write messages, incorporate minifigs, build 3-D structures with gears, add motors… the mind boggles. The only limit is your imagination and the amount of weight you can deal with on the front of your shirt.


Wi Fi detector

Whoa! This T-Shirt shows the current Wi-Fi strength to your friends :)


Electronic Rock Guitar T-Shirt

A wearable guitar :)


Wi-Fi Cap


If you are interested check out, ThinkGeek for more :)

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