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AlertFox – The Best Website Monitoring Service for Web 2.0 Sites

Every website owner who is serious about their sites must have an efficient website monitoring service that alerts owners about problems on their site. The current website monitoring services that are available still focus on “Web 1.0” monitoring and they are designed for static websites without a lot of functionality that can break.


AlertFox is a revolutionary new website monitoring service that is leading the next generation of website monitoring technology. AlertFox takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to website monitoring alerting owners on problems that earlier generations of monitoring services would have overlooked.

The AlertFox System


Here are the key features that makes AlertFox a better website monitoring service:

1. In-depth monitoring services for Web 2.0 and SaaS web applications

2. Focus on in-depth functional monitoring and detailed performance testing

3. 100% Web Application Support – Monitor even complicated steps, (e.g. complete check out process, not just store uptime). For instance, AlertFox records and reports not only the uptime of an ecommerce store, but also it  monitors all the complicated steps of the complete checkout process (transaction monitoring). This gives website owners confidence that their sites are performing as intended. And, because the transaction monitoring runs in real time in Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, the real end user experience is monitored.

4. 100% AJAX Support that no other service offers

5. 100% Flash/Flex Support that no other service offers

6. 100% Silverlight Support that no other service offers

7. Self-service script creation via the iMacros system, Test and optimize all test scripts directly inside Firefox and Internet Explorer

8. Detailed reporting functions, performance metrics at every step

9. Ability to link directly to your reports, proof your reliability to your users

10. Worldwide Monitoring. AlertFox has checkpoints worldwide that monitors your server(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example, you can know if your website was accessible from New York but not in Detroit.

TechCrunch has arranged for the company to give away 100 free Pro2 accounts that is valid for two years. All you need to do is quickly sign up for a free account at alertfox.com and send an e-mail to techcrunch-at-alertfox-dot-com. The first 100 readers to do that will be upgraded without charge, and are expected to come back and share their experiences in the comments.

Try it out and share your experience!

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