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Great Microsoft Outlook Alternative – Free E-Mail Client For Windows


So far, there has never been a good Outlook alternative for Windows. Outlook has been the ruler of Office/Email products for quite long. Though there was Mozilla Thunderbird, it had its limitations. There is hope now, with eM Client for Windows. Free for Home/Personal use, is a great email client with extensive features to handle meetings, calendar, tasks, threaded email view, facebook, skype integration, advanced contacts etc. This wil be a smooth way to handle your emails. For commercial use, one has to spend $50.


  1. Easy Outlook import – Import all your data from any MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird.
  2. GMail integration – Synchronize all your Emails, Calendars and Contacts and even GTalk with your Gmail account or various other services like Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail.
  3. Fast search options – Find any email, contact or attachment in seconds with eM Client super fast search.
  4. Signature/Template support
  5. Email rules, folders, and other categorization support
  6. lots of such goodies – for more, please read here.

Download here.

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