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Cacoo – Free Online Tool To Create Collaborative FlowChart, Mind Maps, Wireframes

Cacoo is free (limited) but very capable online tool that lets you create astonishing block diagrams, flow charts, mind maps, office 2010 like diagrams with lots of templates. Best of all, it is editable online by a group of people simultaneously so process of ideation, discussion, brain storming would be seamless and great with this tool…just look at the following draw area. It’s simple and great. You can print, export to PDF etc.


Features listed on their official site:

  • Elements can be dragged and dropped to easily create diagrams.
  • Elements can be linked together with connectors.
  • Connectors automatically move when elements are repositioned.
  • You can use a text box and put text anywhere you like.
  • You can upload images from your PC and include them in Diagrams.
  • You can take screenshots of your computer from within Cacoo.
  • Smart styles can easily be applied to stencils.
  • You can have multiple sheets in a diagram and use them as backgrounds or layers.
  • When you move the objects on your canvas, they will be snapped at the objects or grids nearby and align automatically.
  • Copying, pasting and other functionality of basic drawing software is also built in to Cacoo.
  • All actions are stored so there are unlimited levels of undo.
  • You can import an image from the other websites by indicating the URL.
  • The imported image can be easily trimmed only using your mouse.
  • According to your editing status, tips will be shown on the right bottom corner of the canvas.
  • Collaborative, chatting etc.


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