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Free Recruitment And Applicant Tracking Software

Are you on an unmanaged hiring spree? Are you a start-up on a growth path looking for expansion? Definitely, you would be hiring and managing candidates and interviews are not an easy task! There are specialized software such as CATS out there that track applicants, resumes, interview schedules and more. But, they cost and are usually expensive to maintain. However, there are some great Applicant Tracking Software that are free (forever!) and could be considered to start using.


iKrut – is an enterprise level and totally free web based recruitment system.

  • Reduce up to 50% of your recruitment administration cost
  • Helps you build your own talent pool so you can fill your jobs for free
  • Helps you compete with the biggest companies by hiring the best staff before they do

SmartRecruiters – is the free and smart recruitment software that helps you hire smart people faster and cheaper. You can create and post jobs, customize career sites, manage applicants, and use all the features needed to make recruitment easier and better. Lots of Add-on to have instant access to career sites such as Dice, Linked-In and more. Lots of reports, customizations available.

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