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Typography Using Web 2.0 – Search or Make Your Own Fonts

There is no doubt about how important good fonts are for graphic designers. Good Fonts are always in high demand. There are free fonts available all over the Internet. But, Are they any good? How does Web 2.0 play in Fonts Domain? Well, fear not, there are some amazing font applications that are cheap (mostly free) and also let you create your own fonts. Here we feature few of them.


Fontstruct is a free web based font application that lets you build your own fonts, share them, download fonts created by others. Fontstruct provides a grid based font editor where you can quickly construct high-quality True Type fonts. Fontstruct gives you pixel level control while designing your font style, adds shape options to each pixel which can be rounded, triangular, partial blocks etc. Editor gives adjacent character designs tot he designer so that the flow of design is not affected. once you are done, you can very well share your creation with others.
You need not worry, If you don’t have time to create your own font. Fontstruct lets you explore already created fonts, gives preview of your textand so on. It makes your life simple while you search for your perfect font.



DaFont is a categorised archive of downloadable fonts. There are comprehensive set of categories to choose from. DaFont lets you preview the text. Fonts can be downloaded in PC or Mac format. DaFont is easy wweb site for fonts and finding the right font is very easy.



Again, MyFonts lets you search and find fonts for your needs, and depending on the font, at a lower cost than design services offer.



Fawnt is a font resource for designers, developers, and anyone that appreciates the web’s highest quality fonts.


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