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How To Create Most Real Looking Fake Magazine Covers Easily?

We had earlier features top 10 online services to create fake magazine covers. Here we present the pioneer who not only introduced the services of Fake Magazine, but also creates covers that are most “real-looking”. It has be to, after all these covers are made by human beings who take extra care unlike online service that uses automatic software. We say pioneers because they first introduced fake covers on wwww.YourOwnFrontPage.com website back in year 2007 then published FakeMagazines.com in November 2007.


Here are some of the features that you would agree are way beyond other similar services available on the web.

  • Covers are made by human beings so that captions are positioned not to hide main subject and some other design imperatives that no automatic/blind software could perform.
  • They check and correct typos and most common mistakes unlike the automated software that do not have the intelligence
  • Artists who create the magazine covers use the well-known www.wordreference.com for spell checks of uncommon words
  • The main subject is cut-out so it partially covers the magazine name just like a real magazine
  • As the covers are created by real human beings, they would check the quality of the picture and offer a replacement of the picture when the uploaded picture is small, blurred or lack resolution
  • They also perform picture like brightness, contrast and color balance adjustments, rotate image so horizon and level, teeth whitening, red eyes correction, removal of picture date etc that not provided by other services available on the web
  • Once the cover is delivered, any changes within the original order’s parameters are done for free of charge
  • They issue a refund to unsatisfied customers even after the delivery of the covers. Well having said that there have not been more than 10 refunds in the past 2 years! This speaks about the quality of the work and customer satisfaction
  • They are pretty quick in processing the orders. All orders get processed within 24 hours, except for very few occasion during Sundays and major holidays

Above all, they have an excellent customer feedback on the quality of their services, their clients love their work and like to work with them again. There are over 200 different magazine cover samples that you can checkout on the site. Here are some of their samples.

 Sample1 Sample2 Sample3 Sample4
Checkout more samples from their gallery. Try fakemagazines.com and we are sure you would be delighted with their service.

Best 10 Online Services To Create Fake Magazine Covers

One can create personalized magazine covers online by just uploading digital photos you have on your computer. You can simply upload your photo from the desktop and choose from a variety of templates available. Once the cover page is created, you can post it on MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Hi5 and other social networks & blogs.


1. MagMyPic

MagMyPic lets you to upload your photo, choose a over from the templates and you have your own magazine cover ready! You can get a print of the magazine cover by paying a nominal fee. Also it lets you to post it on MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Hi5 and other social networks & blogs.

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MagMyPic.com

2. Magfake

MagFake also let you upload your picture, choose the magazine cover template and have the over page ready in just few minutes.

Make Fake Magazine Covers, More than 50 Fake Magazines

3. OnCoverPage

OnCoverPage lets you create your cover page and save the image on your desktop PC.


4. Pimp-Pic

In Pimp-Pic.com you can put your own picture on the cover of a magazine! Show off your new cover on your blog or social network.


5. Fake Magazine Cover

Here you can personalize magazine covers online (no software applications to install, just use your web browser) by uploading digital photos you have on your computer. You can put your face on the cover of many well known magazines (from celebrity gossip zines to children’s learning magazines). Simply upload a photograph from your desktop computer or straight from your digital camera (connected to your PC) or use graphics your have collected from the internet!


6. MEonMAG

Here you can put your photo on the cover of many well known magazines by uploading your photo online.

7. Paparazzied

8. mypicstyle

Just upload your image and choose from the list of magazines you want your picture to appear on.

9. MyPictureOnMagazine

Choose from popular magazines to create your fake magazine cover.

10. Frontpage – In just 3 easy steps you can create a unique and fully personalized magazine cover for yourself or someone special. You can use the magazine covers on your Facebook, MySpace profiles or on your own web site for free.

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