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BlogBooker – Export Your Blog To PDF, Print Your Blog, Convert Your Blog To PDF In Seconds!

Do you want to have a PDF backup of your blog? Then try BlogBooker! Its amazingly simple and within a few clicks, you can export your blog in to a nice PDF book! It supports WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal based blogs. All it needs is Blogs XML export and the URL of the your Blog.


Getting XML export of your blog is really simple. If you have a WordPress (Self hosted) blog, just login to Admin dashboard, go to Tools->Export option. You can easily dump XML export of your blog.


Same is the case if you have a Blogger based blog, Settings->Basic->Blog Tools->Export Blog and for LiveJournal blog users, provide the username and password. BlogBooker can generate high quality PDF within seconds/minutes depending on your blog content size.


Once the Blog XML export file and the URL are given, BlogBooker gets in to action. It quickly converts the blog posts, comments etc in to a well formatted PDF file with header/footer and Table of Contents for you to download. You can print it out or save or send it to your friends. Here is a sample PDF screenshot of Open-Tube!


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