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Ten Free Quick And Easy Resume Builders

For job seekers, a impressive resume is the first step in the game as getting a call for an interview is like winning half the battle. To get a call for an interview the resume must be impressive to grab the attention by highlighting your capability and contributions rather that explaining about the project or the company you have worked for. An impressive resume is a must. Here are some free resume builder services that would help you to create an impressive resume in a quick and easy way. Some of these services are freely available online, some of them charge for taking a prints.


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Here are 10 free resume builders:

1. resumemantra

Resumemantra has answers for how to create a professional resume in minutes. The sample resumes are of fine quality that are generated by the system in just few simple steps All you need to do is become a member here and start working on your resume.

2. Jobspice

Jobspice is another simple and easy-to-use resume builder. You can use to Jobspice to create a resume, you can share or convert it to a PDF. It provides a good framework to create a resume by providing different sections like objective, skills, education, experience etc

3. MyFirstPayCheck Resume Builder

This tool helps you build a model resume that you can use to create your own resume. The ResumeBuilder dynamically creates a template to give you an idea of what your resume should look like. You will not be able to print out the resume you create but you can copy and paste the generated resume into a Word document and reformat it as you like. This is good for freshers who are new to writing their resumes. Try it yourself here.

4. ResumeBucket

ResumeBucket offers the ease of editing, the power of sharing, and convenient access to a personal resume from anywhere. It provides all services needed to connect people in similar industries via searchable keywords, national job postings, personal metric analytics on who viewed your resume, and customized "image badges" that you can place anywhere to link others directly to your resume. It is the simple way to get your resume online. All you need to do is upload your resume instantly for free, share your resume with a unique URL, get connected with experts in your industry and control who sees your resume with password protection. Check it out here.

5. WriteCLICKresume

WriteCLICKresume is one of the popular self-help resume builder that practically writes your resume for you. It provides a free tool to build your resume either in chronological or functional format. You can edit your resume in the browser window and save it or print it for free. Get started here and create a winning resume now.

6. ResumeBear

ResumeBear is an online service that helps you to deliver your resume as you created it without attachments. It sends notification when your resume is read. It provides perfect formatting and tutorials to help perfect your resume. There are templates to help you stand out. Check it out here.

7. emurse

Emurse allows you to focus on what’s most important — writing quality content and selling yourself. It helps you keep track of both online and offline resume distribution, take down notes and set statuses for each event. It sets follow up reminders to keep you on task.

Emurse allows you to safely build an online identity and turn your resume into a website with privacy controls and advanced stats. It provides an amazing dashboard that presents a list of your resumes and the last time they were updated. You’ll find a graph of the past week’s activity for your hosted resume web page, and a list of jobs that fit your location and skill set as well. There are more valuable features here.

8. Optimal Resume

Optimal Resume provides online technology that helps job seekers, career centers, and employers succeed. The software helps job seekers secure employment, career centers manage workflow and improve outcomes, and employers locate talent and reduce cost per hire. It provides an online resume builder, letter writing, a portfolio, a video resume, skills assessment, and interview preparation. It provides an online resume builder, letter writing, a portfolio, a video resume, skills assessment, and interview preparation for free. For more details, check here.

9. 20Resumes

20Resumes offers you a free resume builder that will create the right kind of impression to your recruiters. It makes sure that the right resume is chosen for the right job and offers job seekers the opportunity to create a ‘top-of-the-line’ resume using an online resume maker. All you need to do is create an account with 20Resumes.com, use the professional resume maker and select an appropriate template. Just follow the steps of the professional resume maker/template and your resume is complete. It takes just 20 seconds. Just try it yourself here.

10. My Future Resume Builder

The resume builder offered by My Future is most appropriate for entry-level candidates. It provides a good form where one can fill in the details and it would generate the resume. If you like to try it, check it out here.

Looking For Job? Receive Job Alerts While You Stay Anonymous

HireFlyer.com is unique online job distribution site that uses the Web 2.0 technology in delivering jobs to passive and active job seekers in real time via email, text message and Facebook notifications.


What is different in HireFlyer.com is that job seekers are guaranteed to remain completely anonymous because HireFlyer does not collect any personal identifying data or require a user to upload, build or store a resume on the site. Instead, seekers create what is called a Job Search Agents that will help them receive notifications only when a job matching their profile is posted. This process eliminates unwanted solicitations and provides the seeker with only relevant job postings.

As a job poster one can post job openings quickly with minimal effort. Once you click “submit”, the job is positioned on the HireFlyer.com job posting website and then it’s delivered, via email and or text messaging, to active and passive job seekers whose profiles match the job.

HireFlyer.com is the top job search website solution providing employers with an affordable, easy to use and effective job posting site. It offers job seekers a discreet, easy to use service for free. HireFlyer.com is the best job posting website for savvy employers who want a competitive advantage over other job posting websites. Read more here


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Have You Been Laid Off? Here Is How To Get Hired

Though there are many sites for job seekers, most of them are focused on openings instead of the candidate. In the Web 2.0 era, finally there are some nice online serves that focuses more on the candidate rather than the openings.


Jobfox is one such online service where you must have your resume if you are seeking for a new job or it could be your first job.

Jobfox is one of the best online services available for job seekers and it’s focused on candidates instead of openings. Employees and job seekers post their resumes and obtain their own free page with a unique URL. They an create their own branding and answer in-depth questions that are traditionally asked during interviews. This provides employers with more information and they rely on Jobfox to match candidates.

Jobfox, don’t just give you a list of jobs and leave the rest up to you. It provides more features what a traditional job site does not provide. See the comparison here:

  Jobfox Traditional Job Sites
A list of jobs   X   X
+ Mutual Suitability SystemTM   X  
+ Rated on a 5 star suitability scale   X  
Apply for jobs   X   X
+ Intros to decision makers   X  
Jobfox Career Web Page   X  

The Jobfox Mutual Suitability System – More than a list of jobs
uses an in-depth question and answer format to learn about your experience, wants and needs. This allows understanding much more than what your resume could tell. It then presents you with only the opportunities (rated on a 5-star scale) that matchs what. As the employers using Jobfox also participate in this same process, you can be assured that they know you are well qualified for their position.

The Jobfox Intro – Beyond applying for a job
Using our Jobfox Advantage premium service, you can go above and beyond a job application. For jobs you like, Jobfox will contact employers on your behalf and present you directly. That’s the Jobfox Intro!

The Jobfox Career Webpage – Your online professional brand
When you create a suitability profile with Jobfox, you also get the benefit of a personal career focused web page. Using the information from your profile, Jobfox will create a page that provides insight to who you are and what you’ve done. With a quick glance, employers can evaluate your experience, skills, work style, samples and more. You’ll get a personalized web address (URL) to send to potential employers or whoever you’d like to know the professional you. It’s a great resource for building your personal brand. Read more here and get started.

Read more here.


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