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Protect yourself from Rogue Anti-Spyware Software

All of us get troubled by Spyware and Malware products now and then. They easily get into our systems without our knowledge and do a lot of tracking of our activities and pop-up annoying messages and what not. Worst of all, there are many freeware Anti-Spyware/Virus programs out there who themselves stealthily infect spyware or malware programs to our computers while they claim they remove spyware tools :-)

These fake Anti-Spyware software programs are known as Rogue Anti-Spyware programs and should not be trusted at any cost.


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But, How do you know which one is legitimate? There are so many of them, here is a partial list of such rogue anti-spyware programs listed in wikipedia. Personally we have had lot of issues with Antivirus 2008 a fake anti-spyware program, which took us a while to remove completely.

There are many ways you could verify if the Anti-Spyware program you want to buy or use for free.

Please verify the Anti-Spyware program if it is listed as bad in Spyware Warrior list. They have extensive knowledge base of such programs.

If you are looking for information on the most recent rogue anti-spyware applications, SpywareWarrior recommends visiting these sites:

Luckily, there are many legitimate Anti-Spyware/Virus programs that we can use without worrying so much; They all support automatic spyware/virus definition updates which is essential. They are listed below.

AVG Free edition


An award winning Anti-Virus/Spyware software used by millions of people and one of the best available free software. There is a Pro version that supports more features.

Avast 4.8 Free edition


Complete Anti-Virus/Spyware software for free. A highly recommended software.

Ad-aware by Lavasoft


Ad-aware has been around for quite sometime now and free edition is capable of removing spywares effectively. But, a Pro version is needed for complete solution like virus detection etc.

Spybot – Search and Destroy


Spybot – S&D can detect spywares and remove them. It can even immunize your system with a real time protection. However, no virus detection is possible.

Google Pack with Norton


Norton Security Scan is part of Google Software pack, is a free tool that will scan your computer and identify if there are existing viruses, worms, spyware, unwanted adware or Trojans residing on your computer. Norton Security Scan checks to see how your computer is currently protected.

Microsoft Windows Defender


A capable spyware protection from the creators of Windows! They know the best.

Let us know, If you know better ones and we will review them.

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