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Next Generation Web Search Engine – Search and Sort As Per Tags!

Search Engine market is dominated by Google and Bing (from Microsoft) search engines. Others almost out of the market or just hanging on to the bottom! Both of them are really doing well and adding features for us to search better each day. But, world is full of intelligent people and how do you keep up to the young talents coming up with new ideas and technologies.


Take a look at this new Search engine – Blekko! Really impressive. Need to see how they scale up.

What is Blekko anyways?

Blekko is a search engine with a difference. They have introduced “Slashtags”. Using slash tags, you could sort your search results based on criteria. Say, you search for technology news and use tag /date, you will get search results chronologically sorted results. something which is not easy to do on Google/Bing search. Lots of tags are out there to slash internet. You can use default tags or introduce your own tags. You can make them private or public. Others can use your tags if you wish to.

e.g. below is a search query on Global Warming with slashtag /Twitter. It gives the Twitter results for global warming!


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